Regionals & Lake Annette Hike

Friday came and went – here was our WOD:

I got to 105# with the jerk, no problem.  The rope climbs I am particularly proud of – I did all 5!  I have wicked bruises on my shin to show for it, but certainly worth the pain.  Definitely a rope climb PR.

The metcon – we were supposed to keep track of times, alas I definitely do not recall precise times.  Since I’m working on developing strategies and sticking with the plan, I decided I’d pace myself at 2:00/500 m on the rower – accomplished.  My double unders still need some work, but I did 10 to start, then finished off with singles x2.  The run was fun, and then the box jump overs were hell.  I am really unskilled at them!  Worse yet, Dana finished a full minute (at least!) ahead of me, so I had to humbly keep going even though I was dying a little inside.  A nice quick workout for a Friday afternoon!

Really, we were pacing ourselves since yesterday (Saturday) we were up at 7 to get ready for our hike out near Lake Louise.  We picked up coffee to go, Haley, and I drove us out to the mountains while Dana and Haley kept me entertained.  We had a much easier time finding our trail head than last week.  We hiked up to Lake Annette/Paradise Valley, although we didn’t do the full hike as it was still very snowy up near the lake.

Dana insisted I buy new boots for this week’s hike and I’m so glad he did.  They made a world of difference!  My heels still blistered and ripped open, but I think it might have been related to last week’s blisters (as they weren’t healed fully yet).  Surprisingly, I wasn’t in pain until I got down to the car at the end of the hike and removed my boots, and saw the extent of the blister damage.

The hike was great yesterday!  Here are some pictures of our very active 15 km hike (about 450 m elevation gain):


The beginning of the hike was pretty easy going


Interesting vegetation


Two of my favorite people


Dana & I on the lookout for grizzlies


It was pretty overcast for most of our hike, but we didn’t get rained on luckily!


My handsome husband in his element


Ominous mountain


Haley & I


Where we almost turned back (right before Lake Annette), as the snow was deep!


Lake Annette – frozen over but still beautiful


We ventured off the beaten trail (because it was covered in snow) to explore


Baby pine cones on the tamarack trees


Many rocks to scamper over


Big rocks!  Big love!

Big rocks! Big love!

Needless to say, when we got back to the parking lot, we were exhausted.  Dana insisted on his post-hike beer, so we drove in to Banff to have dinner at Bear Street Tavern.  Haley and I shared a gluten-free pizza, and thought it was pretty tasty.  We all inhaled our suppers after our active days.  Dana’s heart rate monitor said he burned 1900 calories!  Dana drove us back to Calgary while we serenaded him with Queen songs.  After we dropped Haley off, we headed home to enjoy some vino and finish watching Avatar.  I love that movie!

We slept soundly until 8 this morning, but Dana (that crazy guy!) got up to golf 18 holes with a friend from the box.  He was praying they’d take carts, as we are both feeling pretty exhausted and sore today.  I’ve had a productive day thus far – doing some laundry, chatting with my mama on the phone, and bottling some kombucha.  My last batch of kombucha was kind of off – I let it ferment too long – so I’m hoping this batch turns out.  It sucked pouring the last batch down the drain.

I took out some leg of lamb to cook tonight.  I’m following Ottolenghi’s recipe for lamb shawarma from the Jerusalem cookbook which tastes pretty amazing.  Definitely not Jacked & Tanned-approved, alas a girl’s gotta eat what she wants occasionally.  With baby potatoes cooked in the juices, I think I might die a little tonight when we eat dinner.

We’ve had fun this weekend checking in on Coach Emily‘s progress at the CrossFit Games’ West Regionals.  As I’m writing this post, she is sitting in first place.  She is amazing to watch! The cheesy commentary by the Games’ commentators has been hilarious – especially how they keep mentioning how the forearm massages provided by her boyfriend are really paying off.

Other than the usual food prep today, I’m not sure what we’ll get up to when Dana gets home from golf.  I love weekend days like this – hopefully we can get out to enjoy the sunshine (and of course watch the last two Regionals events!).

How has your weekend been?


21-15-9 & Hatch

Yesterday was a glorious rest day for Dana and I.  I treated myself to a lovely 1/2 hour sleep-in, and then after a crazy-frantic, mega-stressful day of work, we drove out to visit my sister-in-law, Susan, and my nephew, Kade.  Kade is about seven months old, and our mid-week visits are tradition since he was born back in October.  It’s amazing how much babies change from week-to-week!  Kade was in pretty good humour and had a few smiles for us.  He enjoyed his avocado supper and Dana and I got to hold him lots.  I love being an auntie.  Susan put him to bed around 7, so we headed home and did our nightly prep for the next day’s meals and workout.  Dana and I have got a pretty decent healthy lifestyle routine down, so that helps on nights when we’re tired from work.

To help life go more smoothly the next day, since I wake up at 5:15, I always:

  • Prep my breakfast smoothie (Greek yogurt, mixed freezer berries, 1/2 banana, and a spoonful of peanut butter),
  • Pick out tomorrow’s outfit, and
  • Pack an outfit for crossfit, fill up my shaker bottle with protein, and make sure I have all my gym accessories ready to go.

This little routine makes crawling out of bed at 5 AM a little friendlier.

Tonight I’m going for adult beverages with my old CMA SLP colleagues after work, so Dana and I went to the 6 AM crossfit class.  We had to get our hatch lifts in and couldn’t miss seeing Coach Josh!  Here was today’s workout:

My max back squat today was 140# and front squat was 95#.  Squats in the AM are not as fun as squats in the PM.  The metcon, however, was in my powerhouse.  I did the deadlifts at 135# and probably could have done RX.  With the lighter weight, I flew through them!  I was done in 6:25, with my heart pumping out of my chest.  Despite eating a full meal prior to class, protein/carbs after, then a snack at 9 AM, I was starving by lunch.  It’s amazing how hungry lifting makes me!

I’m hitting an unofficial crossfit milestone.  I made a purchase today:

Lifters!  I’m hoping they help my squat technique, as well as my other lifts.  Why blue?  Because it was on sale!  I got 25% off today, which isn’t too shabby.  I’ve also got some new pink Lulu shorts coming in the mail as a reward for being so diligent with Jacked & Tanned eating clean.  Maybe I went a little overboard with the rewards, but sometimes new workout gear is a great motivational tool.

Good news, people.  Friday is tomorrow!  What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Straightforward Complex & GAINZ

I would have loved to track my cortisol levels today – they were all over the map.  Work was busy, and I was in-the-zone as my dep’t has a big deadline tomorrow at 4 PM.  On top of my normal (ample) workload, my supervisor came by to see if I could handle a few extra files, to help a coworker out.  Of course I said yes, but yowza, my plate is full.  I also had a meeting outside the office for three hours, so you could say my day was full today.

Before I get to today’s WOD, first let’s talk about my Jacked & Tanned results.  I got measured after work – here’s what seven weeks of five meals a day, a 40(protein)/40(carbs)/20(fat) macro split (%), more chicken breast than I care to think about, and four to six workouts a week:

  • Body weight increased from 129 lbs to 131.7 lbs
  • Fat loss of 1.1 lbs which brought my body fat % in to a healthy range
  • Muscle increase of 2.6 lbs for a total of 45.9 lbs of muscle!

I’m really happy with my #gainz. Might be unconventional for a young lady to want to gain weight, but I’m excited to get stronger!

Along the same vein, here is today’s workout:

Ah, snatches… Under Coach Emily’s watchful eye, I only got to 60# on the bar.  My technique seems a little better lately, but I can’t wait for the fateful day I actually feel a bit comfortable doing snatches.  I did “Kaitlyn pull-ups” as Em called them today (otherwise known as using a 45# barbell on the rack with your feet elevated.)  Another movement I’m hoping to make some progress with, but I know strength takes time.

The metcon was actually better than I thought it would be.  I dreaded the wall balls all day, but I used some strategy (something I want to be better at for the 2016 Open).  I did 20 with 14#, then a rope climb, then 15, rope climb, and then the last 15 and final rope climb.  The KBS with 35# went a little slowly (I was gassed), then the push press (65#) flew by.  I started the snatch with 55#, did a few reps, and then went down to 45# to finish them off.  Instead of bar MU, I did chest-to-bar pull-ups with the green band.  12:48.  I was the only girl in the class so I really wanted to beat the guys.  🙂

Dana got his first bar muscle-ups today!  He was fantastic!

After the workout, Dana rushed home to get ready for a condo board meeting, while I quickly showered then ran to the dentist to pick up a prescription.  I’m getting my three remaining wisdom teeth pulled in two weeks so I’ll have a few rest days from the gym as I recover.  Fun times!

Is the weekend here yet?  I’m ready to go hiking!