Deadlift Sandwich

So today’s cup of tea was a nice mix of some of my least favorite (read: least skilled) movements.  At least I am great at deadlifts!Deadlift Sandwich

Snatches are not easy for me, so I kept the bar light at 65# and practiced form. Getting the bar near my hip crease somehow seems impossible; yet I know when it clicks for me, snatches will not be so hard!  I practiced the pull-ups I learned at a gymnastics seminar in February, using a 45# bar on the rack with my feet elevated.

The metcon was awful!  Wall balls are my nemesis.  I struggled through the first 50, flew through the deadlifts (125# is light!), then struggled through the last 50.  Nothing more frustrating than sweating through something, a few reps at a time, while the guy beside you is 30 reps ahead.  I know crossfit isn’t about competition, but it’s still maddening to be so far behind.  I finished in 9:20 and died a bit on the floor after.  I got the worst cramp in my calf muscle when I was putting my weights away after – not sure what that was about because I’ve been drinking plenty of water.

Tomorrow is more hatch squats – hoping it isn’t too heavy again because I’m definitely fatigued from this week’s workouts.  Dana wants to get out for a hike on Saturday but he might have to carry me at this rate.

CFCB’s Jacked & Tanned challenge is almost over.  Next week – Tuesday I think – will be my measurements and weigh in.  I’m interested to see how much muscle I’ve put on!  I’ve eaten an astonishing amount of protein in the past 6 weeks and I hope it has paid off.  A non-obese BMI would be awesome too, although I know if I continue to put on muscle, I’ll likely still be “obese”.



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