[Inside voice: My first blog post on my fitness and healthy living blog.  Holy shit.  Deep breaths, Kait.  Okay.  You got this.]

Yesterday’s WOD was some spiteful programming from Coach.  He’s sidelined, recovering from surgery, and I feel like he’s inflicting his resentfulness on us (jokes).


Class was pretty packed, so I shared a bar and KB with a partner for the EMOM.  We worked up to 105#.  It didn’t feel max effort for me, but my form got a little shaky at the end.

I dreaded the metcon all day, but it was actually great.  I used 95# for the squat cleans, although it felt pretty heavy with my sore legs from doing hatch squats on Tuesday.  Burpees were no issue, and sit-ups flew by.  Since my double unders are not very fluid yet, the scaled version was 5 double under attempts then 103 singles.  I chose this route and it was a good fit for me.  5 rounds + 27 reps for me.

After class, we dragged our sweaty bodies to the rental car and then (finally!) picked up our vehicle from the autobody shop.  Although it had only been 2 weeks since our car got hit, driving a gutless rental around town was getting on Dana’s nerves.  Now he is happy.  So I am happy.


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