12s for 8 – or not

So with the combination of today being Friday and work being quiet, I couldn’t wait for the weekend to start.  The only thing standing in my way was crossfit.  All day, my calf that cramped yesterday was so, so sore.  I chugged a coconut water at lunch time to see if the electrolytes would help, alas I think it will just take a few days to heal.  I couldn’t miss a day of hatch squats though so I sucked it up and went to class after work.  On the whiteboard:

12s for 8

My leg definitely felt stiff through the workout.  I did my squats – 80% back squat was 130# and 70% front squat was 95#.  Coach noticed that my chest is falling a bit at the bottom of the squat so I tried to keep my body upright.  Hard while I was nursing my petite injury.

I loaded my bar with 65# for the WOD and did a few practice box jumps on a mini box, but tightening my calf didn’t feel awesome.  It made me feel awful, so I let Coach know I wasn’t feeling great, and sat out for the WOD while Dana killed it.

After, we both agreed that four days of crossfit in a row is a bit much for us.  We like to go four days a week, but with rest days in between.  And tomorrow won’t be much rest – we are going for a hike with my little sister, Haley.  We’ve packed more snacks than three people could eat in a week, but food is a big motivator for our gang.  🙂

We are also planning to go to a fundraiser tomorrow night for our coach, Emily Abbott, who qualified for the CrossFit Games Regionals.  Very exciting!


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