Mt. Indefatigable

Friday night, my sister, Haley, stayed over at our place so we could head out early for Kananaskis for a hike on Saturday morning.  We had been to Ikea on Friday night to buy some new black-out curtains, and they truly changed my life.  We slept so well in our tomb of darkness on Friday night!

Saturday morning, Dana had set a goal to be in the car by 8:30 AM, and we only narrowly missed his target by 17 minutes.  My sister and I have a difficult time being punctual, unfortunately for Dana.  We grabbed snacks and a beautiful latte from Corbeaux Bakehouse, then headed out to the mountains.  It was gorgeously sunny out and Haley played the back seat DJ to pass the time.  It took us about 1.5 hours to drive out to the Upper Kananaskis Lake parking lot, no thanks to our guidebook’s poor directions.

Dana and Haley starting the hike

Dana and Haley starting the hike

We followed the book’s directions to find the trail head, and were greeted by a sign proclaiming maintenance of the trail had ceased in 2005, to allow it to regress back to its natural state as prime grizzly bear habitat.  Great!  But since we didn’t have a plan B lined up, we decided to do the Mt. Indefatigable (“Mt. Fatty”) hike regardless.

Indefatigable, according to Merriam-Webster, means ” incapable of being fatigued untiring.”  One must be indefatigable in order to hike this hike!  It was about 20-25 degrees out yesterday, and we were all quickly covered in sweat from (1) the incline of the path and (2) the heat.  It starts out in the forest, among the coniferous trees, then there is a small creek crossing.  From there, much of the climb is a scramble up exposed rock, without much tree cover, along the cliff overlooking the Upper Kananaskis Lakes.  We were pretty stop-and-go for much of the ascent because we needed to catch our breath.  The views were spectacular though!

Dana and I

Dana and I

Panorama by Dana

Once we hit about 450 m elevation, we ran in to a group of hikers eating their lunch at a look out.  They said that just beyond them on the path, it was impassable because of snow on the trail.  Haley and I were relieved to hear it because we were pretty winded!  Instead we ate our lunch with the other hikers and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine and view.

3 Best Friends

3 Best Friends

Haley and I

Haley and I

I was the fortunate winner of two large blisters on my heels, despite some ducktape, bandaids, and thick socks, so between my blisters and the snow to come on the trail, we decided to head back down to the car.  Going down was much faster than the climb, and we were back at the car within three hours of heading off on our hike.  We drove back to Canmore along the Smith-Dorrien and Spray Lakes road (gravel – lovely) and enjoyed some cold drinks and nachos at the Grizzly Paw Brewery, followed by some ice cream from an old school bus.  Then I drove us back to Calgary in the busy afternoon traffic, so Dana and I could get dolled up for the fundraiser.

We were all so wore out from the hike that both Dana and I felt tempted to bail on our planned night out, but knew we had to suck it up.  I’m so glad we did because we had a fantastic time with our new friends at the box.  It was nice to support Emily’s journey to Regionals too – so proud of her!

This morning, Dana’s sister and her baby, Bailey, came over for brunch.  Then the three of us went for a walk/run in the morning sunshine.  It has been such a great weekend!

Now I’m off to do some food prep (chicken, chicken, and more chicken!) and watch Game of Thrones with Dana after supper.

How was your weekend?


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