100% Hatch

Today was an uneventful day at work, with a lot of routine, mostly boring work to complete.  I was very glad to have crossfit to look forward to at 4 PM with the usual suspects.  Coach Eric coached with his sore wing.  Here was today’s WOD – more Hatch:

We tested our 100% max back squat again today – I did 165# with confidence.  Turns out back and front squatting twice a week really works wonders when you’re trying to make some #gainz.  Add that to my chicken breast and sweet potato diet, courtesy of CFCB’s Jacked and Tanned challenge, and my shorts are really starting to get tight in the glutes.

For front squat, I used 115# as my 85% – that really got my heart rate up.  Then I loaded my bar with 85# for the metcon.  As usual, my pre-WOD thoughts of: “oh it’s only 2 minutes” and “that doesn’t look too bad” screwed me over.

100% Metcon

The 200 m run down the so-called “hobo alley” behind Sunalta took about 1 min.  For reps, I got:

  • 5 power clean & jerks
  • 9 burpee box jump overs
  • 6 power clean & jerks
  • 10 burpee box jump overs

The sprints sure do gas you though when you have C&Js and burpees to welcome you back to the box.  Dana and I were covered in sweat after!

I told a white lie on the blog yesterday.  I had every intention of doing food prep with Dana when I signed off, alas we got lost in Game of Thrones…

So tonight was lamentably spent food prepping.  Dana was king of the BBQ and made grilled chicken thighs, bison burgers, and bison sausages, while I roasted some sweet potatoes and made mashed potatoes with broccoli on the side.  It was annoying to make so much food after work, but it’s worth it to have clean eats for the rest of the week.

What was your WOD today? 


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