Straightforward Complex & GAINZ

I would have loved to track my cortisol levels today – they were all over the map.  Work was busy, and I was in-the-zone as my dep’t has a big deadline tomorrow at 4 PM.  On top of my normal (ample) workload, my supervisor came by to see if I could handle a few extra files, to help a coworker out.  Of course I said yes, but yowza, my plate is full.  I also had a meeting outside the office for three hours, so you could say my day was full today.

Before I get to today’s WOD, first let’s talk about my Jacked & Tanned results.  I got measured after work – here’s what seven weeks of five meals a day, a 40(protein)/40(carbs)/20(fat) macro split (%), more chicken breast than I care to think about, and four to six workouts a week:

  • Body weight increased from 129 lbs to 131.7 lbs
  • Fat loss of 1.1 lbs which brought my body fat % in to a healthy range
  • Muscle increase of 2.6 lbs for a total of 45.9 lbs of muscle!

I’m really happy with my #gainz. Might be unconventional for a young lady to want to gain weight, but I’m excited to get stronger!

Along the same vein, here is today’s workout:

Ah, snatches… Under Coach Emily’s watchful eye, I only got to 60# on the bar.  My technique seems a little better lately, but I can’t wait for the fateful day I actually feel a bit comfortable doing snatches.  I did “Kaitlyn pull-ups” as Em called them today (otherwise known as using a 45# barbell on the rack with your feet elevated.)  Another movement I’m hoping to make some progress with, but I know strength takes time.

The metcon was actually better than I thought it would be.  I dreaded the wall balls all day, but I used some strategy (something I want to be better at for the 2016 Open).  I did 20 with 14#, then a rope climb, then 15, rope climb, and then the last 15 and final rope climb.  The KBS with 35# went a little slowly (I was gassed), then the push press (65#) flew by.  I started the snatch with 55#, did a few reps, and then went down to 45# to finish them off.  Instead of bar MU, I did chest-to-bar pull-ups with the green band.  12:48.  I was the only girl in the class so I really wanted to beat the guys.  🙂

Dana got his first bar muscle-ups today!  He was fantastic!

After the workout, Dana rushed home to get ready for a condo board meeting, while I quickly showered then ran to the dentist to pick up a prescription.  I’m getting my three remaining wisdom teeth pulled in two weeks so I’ll have a few rest days from the gym as I recover.  Fun times!

Is the weekend here yet?  I’m ready to go hiking!


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