21-15-9 & Hatch

Yesterday was a glorious rest day for Dana and I.  I treated myself to a lovely 1/2 hour sleep-in, and then after a crazy-frantic, mega-stressful day of work, we drove out to visit my sister-in-law, Susan, and my nephew, Kade.  Kade is about seven months old, and our mid-week visits are tradition since he was born back in October.  It’s amazing how much babies change from week-to-week!  Kade was in pretty good humour and had a few smiles for us.  He enjoyed his avocado supper and Dana and I got to hold him lots.  I love being an auntie.  Susan put him to bed around 7, so we headed home and did our nightly prep for the next day’s meals and workout.  Dana and I have got a pretty decent healthy lifestyle routine down, so that helps on nights when we’re tired from work.

To help life go more smoothly the next day, since I wake up at 5:15, I always:

  • Prep my breakfast smoothie (Greek yogurt, mixed freezer berries, 1/2 banana, and a spoonful of peanut butter),
  • Pick out tomorrow’s outfit, and
  • Pack an outfit for crossfit, fill up my shaker bottle with protein, and make sure I have all my gym accessories ready to go.

This little routine makes crawling out of bed at 5 AM a little friendlier.

Tonight I’m going for adult beverages with my old CMA SLP colleagues after work, so Dana and I went to the 6 AM crossfit class.  We had to get our hatch lifts in and couldn’t miss seeing Coach Josh!  Here was today’s workout:

My max back squat today was 140# and front squat was 95#.  Squats in the AM are not as fun as squats in the PM.  The metcon, however, was in my powerhouse.  I did the deadlifts at 135# and probably could have done RX.  With the lighter weight, I flew through them!  I was done in 6:25, with my heart pumping out of my chest.  Despite eating a full meal prior to class, protein/carbs after, then a snack at 9 AM, I was starving by lunch.  It’s amazing how hungry lifting makes me!

I’m hitting an unofficial crossfit milestone.  I made a purchase today:

Lifters!  I’m hoping they help my squat technique, as well as my other lifts.  Why blue?  Because it was on sale!  I got 25% off today, which isn’t too shabby.  I’ve also got some new pink Lulu shorts coming in the mail as a reward for being so diligent with Jacked & Tanned eating clean.  Maybe I went a little overboard with the rewards, but sometimes new workout gear is a great motivational tool.

Good news, people.  Friday is tomorrow!  What are you looking forward to this weekend?


3 thoughts on “21-15-9 & Hatch

  1. New Shoes!!! I love getting new runners!! I got a pair yesterday after buying those insoles hahaha, the insoles just were not doing it for me. Hurray for pink lulu shorts, we match! Your hike pictures look amazing 😀


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