Hatch & Granite Games Week 2

Busy 24 hours for me! My two day workweek has flown by.  Staying until 5 was the pits, with all my coworkers leaving earlier, but such is life.


Of course we went to Sunalta after work to do our second last hatch day. I hit 125# for my 75% back squat, and 100# for my 75% front squat. Felt a bit tight in the hip region, but I think I was feeling all the biking and walking from the weekend.

The fun part of the wod was the AMRAP! I used 85# and am sporting some crazy leg bruises today from dropping the bar on my legs (of course I couldn’t let it hit the floor). I strategized all wrong and ended up doing 39 burpee box jump overs. I did get 30 hang power cleans (I love cycling the bar), but doing all the burpee box jumps SUCKED. At least it was only 6 minutes. Everyone was complaining after about their forearms hurting, but I clearly spent too much time doing burpee box jumps to hurt my grip strength by holding on to the bar. Yeesh.



After profusely sweating at the gym, we went home for supper, then to Costco for a “few things”. Costco is never just a few things. When will we learn? Some of spoils were sensible, like almond butter, Greek yogurt, and fruit. Others were less healthy, like the salted chocolate almond Bark Thins. You win some, you lose some.

We were home by 8-ish, and just sitting down to watch some Orange is the New Black when my mom called to chat holiday plans. We watched about 15 minutes of an episode after, then headed to bed. Loving season 3, although I’m surprised at our willpower – we haven’t binge-watched the season! Too nice outside for TV, I suppose.


Like the crazy kids we are, we were up this morning for another wod at 6 AM. My body hadn’t had time to realize how tired it was yet, so the workout felt pretty good. On the menu:

The Granite Games is a big competition with an open season just like the CF Games. I’m not doing the Granite Games open officially, as many of the movements/weights are too advanced for me, but Coach Eric is programming the workouts regardless and we can scale accordingly.

I worked my way up to a 70# snatch which is my current 1RM, then did 109 reps during the AMRAP, then hit 70# again. No PRs for me today on the snatch front. HOWEVER I did string together 8 double unders, then 6 after that, which is a Christmas miracle. I have only ever strung 2 together before, so I feel like I’m definitely turning a corner on that skill! I forced myself to do all double unders for the wod to get my practice in, hence my relatively low reps. I did ring rows instead of pull-ups and leg raises for T2B.

Dana sneakily took a video of me doing 65#.

I skipped the pull-ups because after work we went bouldering for the first time! Haley likes to go bouldering, and has asked us to go many times, so when my coworker organized a bouldering after-work event, I knew it was a sign. We were going to climb at the Stronghold location, but its bouldering floor was closed, so Haley drove us out to near the Calgary airport to the new Hanger location.

Dana, Haley, and I had a blast! I will be very sore in the days to come, I bet.  Dana’s upper body strength was astonishing – he could maneuver himself quite gracefully with just his arms working.  And Haley was fantastic!  She definitely has more talent than me when it comes to bouldering.  I could hardly handle the beginner level runs, meanwhile Ms. Boulder herself was very agile and handling the harder runs with skill.  I’ll be sticking to the level one runs for a while I think…

 The next few days are full of fun – not sure how often I will check in. Tomorrow is Canada Day and Dana’s birthday BBQ, then Friday we’re heading out backpacking with Haley, Saturday is Dana’s real birthday, and Sunday is family supper with the Kinnairds. So much fun!

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians!

Summer Weekend Fun

And just like that, another weekend has flown by. Luckily, I have a two day workweek to look forward to! Here’s what Dana and I have been up to the past few days:


Work was a big deadline day, plus I was helping a coworker with some of his workload, so it was chaotically busy and the time flew by. Before I knew it, I was off to Sunalta for more fun and games.

More hatch squats – 115# back squat for my 70%, and 105# for my front squat. It was SMOKING hot in the box as it was probably 30 degrees outside. I had been looking forward to the wod all day as it’s in my wheelhouse for sure. The heat kind of killed me though. I did it RX in 8:58. Dana was flying! I couldn’t keep up with my short little legs!

When we got home, we relaxed on the patio for a bit, then had BBQed chicken breasts and leftover Greek salad for supper. We went for a short bike ride after supper, then headed to see Pixar’s latest – Inside Out. It was so cute! I really enjoyed it, and laughed a lot about the character, Anger, as he reminded me a lot of Dana’s temper.

We also immensely enjoyed the Cineplex popcorn and inhaled the bag. Pretty much a perfect night in my books.


We’d talked about going for a hike on Saturday, but knew it would be very hot out, plus had plans later in the day that we wanted to be punctual for. Instead of a hike, we went for a big bike ride through Calgary. Dana took me from home up to 17th Ave. for brunch at Corbeaux (surprise surprise). He had the eggs bennie and a side of toast (those Kinnairds live for carbs, I tell ya), and I had a latte with a side of bacon and fresh berries. Pretty tasty everything! From there, we headed up to Eau Claire, then east to the new East Village, then further east to Inglewood, then headed back home along the new 12th Ave. cycle lane. About 3 hours in total! It wasn’t a speedy bike ride, but that’s a lot of biking for someone who doesn’t bike a lot (me) (Dana was totally fine).

As we were biking in to Lakeview, we noticed a new-to-us outdoor workout area. I will definitely come back and use it! There were boxes for jumping, pull-up stations, and lots of other equipment. When we got home, I was pretty sweaty but felt like I needed a bit of a workout as we’d missed a brutal Sunalta wod that morning. I improvised a quick 20 minute tabata workout. Tabatas are high intensity sets where you do :20 seconds of activity, :10 seconds rest, for 8 rounds (4 minutes total). I did:

  • Hand stands
  • DB push-press (25#)
  • Planks
  • DB floor press
  • Sit-ups
  • And a half round of DB rows for good measure.

Needless to say, I was quite sweaty after.

Eventually we’d cooled off enough to get cleaned up, then headed to the Benjamin Moore store to get paint and the farmers’ market for groceries. It was DEAD in the market, which was shocking because it was Saturday afternoon. It was also CRAZY hot in the building. We were sweating profusely. On the menu this week: pot roast and steaks from Silver Sage, and a ton of fresh produce. It was worth the trip. When we got home, Dana chopped veggies like a professional vegetable butcher for a veggie tray and then we headed to our friends’ place for a BBQ.

With the weather so hot, it was a relief to sit out on our friends’ patio all evening. We had a great time and many laughs playing Catch Phrase, and Colin and Talia fed us like we were royalty. I hadn’t had any alcohol in weeks, so the glass and half of wine I had hit me like a bag of bricks. Many laughs were also had at my expense. An excellent night was had by all!


Yesterday was a gloriously long day. We were really productive, yet had some downtime too, so it was a great way to spend a Sunday. With the heat in the house, neither of slept very well so we were ready to get up around 8:30. Together we cleaned the house from top to bottom as fast as possible because it was so hot already. Then we headed to IGA to pick up a few things, and I put together the pot roast recipe I used last weekend in the slow cooker when we got home (Dana loved the recipe and requested it be made frequently). We got cleaned up, then headed out to run errands.

Dana pulled a fast one on me as we left our house, and started heading the wrong way. I was confused, especially when we started driving through the park nearby, and he was intensely scanning all the vehicles parked in the various lots. Finally he admitted that Jenna, Nathan, and Bailey were there for the day and I helped him spot their vehicle. We had a nice little visit with them in the shade of their little tent, and laughed at Bailey sweating out the heat in her little diaper. She was definitely feeling the heat!

From the park, we drove by Phil & Sebastien to pick up an iced latte (HEAVEN), and then to Home Depot for a few items. Dana love Home Depot. I don’t. But it makes him happy when I go, so I put on my big girl panties and went to help him pick out a few things for the house. When we got home, we relaxed on the patio (Dana in his hammock) and enjoyed the heat. I fit in a phone call with my mom for about an hour which was really nice – it is hard living in a different city from your family, but phone calls can make such a big difference.

We grabbed the latest Avenue and City Palate editions from the farmers’ market so I savoured those while out on the patio. They are such great publications – and they’re free! I love reading about all the new restaurants in town. I put together an Asian steak salad for supper eventually, and it was amazing. I love the recipe!

After supper, we tidied up the dishes, then headed out for a walk. It was a bit cooler finally and just gorgeous outside. We really enjoyed strolling the neighbourhood and admiring all the beautiful yards and trees. We’re lucky to live where we do.

Despite the stifling heat in our bedroom, I fell asleep pretty easily thankfully.


Unfortunately Dana (the baby rhino) was up around 4:30 this morning so that means I was up as well, although I pretended to sleep until 5:10 when my alarm went off. I don’t feel too tired today thankfully, which is great because work kept me very busy all morning with a noon deadline to meet. The afternoon will fly by, I’m sure, as I have plenty of other tasks to get done before work is over tomorrow (and my five day weekend begins).

We’re going to the 4 PM class tonight. Second last hatch night! It looks pretty light (thanks Coach Eric!), but the wod will be a burner – cleans and burpee box jumps.

And with that, I’ll sign off for now.  Apologies about the lack of pictures!  I’ll make up for it!

Snatch Jump Chipper

It’s been a busy week!  My workouts are taking a toll on my poor body – I’m pretty wore out today.


With Dana still out of town with work, I headed to Sunalta on my lonesome after work for the 4 PM class.  I had debated all day about going because I was definitely feeling the hatch burn in my legs.  Somehow my vehicle was suddenly parked in front of the box, so I had no choice but to go in.

We warmed up with the usual dynamic stretches, then started working on snatch form, and actually getting down in to an overhead squat.  I like to be lazy and just muscle snatch the bar, then call it a day.  Not yesterday though – I forced myself to OH squat and even did 70# successfully.  That was enough for me though.  God, I hate snatches.

My high-as-possible box jumps were very laughable, with my sore, sore legs.  I just did the usual 24″ box, plus a 2″ plate, and was grateful for not falling on my face.

The metcon was fun.  50 box jump overs is a LOT, but I powered through them, then moved to the wall balls (12# ball for form), and quickly did the kettlebell swings (35#).  The tricky part was the KB thrusters (I think I used 24#) – it’s such an awkward movement and I was so winded from the other movements.  I have funny bruises on my biceps from the kettlebell today.  Instead of bar muscle-ups, I subbed 10 pull-ups with a blue band and called it a day.  9:51 and a bucket of sweat.

After I wiped my sweat angel off the rubber, I headed home.  It was gorgeous outside, so I walked over to the playground and practiced my bar muscle-ups a bit.  Being up on the rig terrifies me, so I thought perhaps being closer to the ground would help.  So many parts of getting stronger are actually mental, not physical.  I got a few solid attempts in and called it a day, then biked over to the grocery store on Ruby Tuesday.  I was out of peanut butter – the horror!

I put off eating supper for a bit and savored the new The Box magazine that came last night.  Their interview with Dave Castro, the evil CrossFit Games mastermind, was really interesting.  Apparently he’s already dreaming up events for the 2017 Games!

Supper was bison sausages, sweet potatoes, fresh green beans from the farmers’ market, and a big spoonful of peanut butter.  Separately of course.  Not mixed all together.  I finished watching the latest Extreme Weightloss and waited for Dana to get home.  He was later than expected, so I headed to bed.


Today is a glorious rest day.  I am so, so glad.  Dana and I are hanging out after work – maybe going for a stroll around the neighbourhood, or a bike ride.  Somehow I have a feeling ice cream will be involved.

The week ahead looks gorgeous!  Can’t wait for the weekend!