Hatch & Monday

Monday was a busy, routine day at work with a few deadlines to motivate me.  We went to the 6 AM class at Sunalta so we could get out to visit Susan and Kade after work, while Kade was still awake.

The class was a bit of Hatch, with a little metcon after:

Back squats in the AM kind of slay me, and my body still felt tired from our weekend adventures.  None-the-less, I did 135# back squat, then 90# front squat.  My tired efforts continued with the metcon – I finished in 6:12, but didn’t do RX.  Clearly.  Used 95# for the clean and jerks, as my 1 RM is only 110#.  I was sure I’d have ridiculous collarbone bruises from the bar slamming down on me, but I seem to have lucked out!  Instead of muscle ups, I did 5 chest-to-bar pull-ups with a green band.  Which I realized in hindsight was lazy of me and I should have tried a blue or red band instead to make them a little harder.

We had such a nice visit with Susan and Kade after work.  Kade thought we were strangers at first, but quickly warmed up to us.  Uncle Dana fed him his supper (yams – my fave – and bananas – my other fave), and we both got to play with Kade afterwards.  So nice to get lots of baby smiles!

When we got home, we got ready for the next day, then watched the finale of Outlander.  I have really enjoyed the season, but YEESH the last two episodes were hard to watch.  Between that and the intense episode of Game of Thrones on Sunday, I feel like I need a break from TV for the few days.

The WOD after work on Tuesday was Helen.  I was a bit nervous, but that’s half the fun of crossfit.  Here was the programming:

I maxed out at 105# for the push press/jerk combo, which isn’t far off my 1 RM.  Then I did C2R pull-ups, although my false grip definitely needs to be developed.  What can I say – I was not exposed to gymnastics growing up!  It was really nice to have Coach Em back after her Regionals win on the weekend.  Although she has an uncanny ability to call out my weaknesses, despite my best efforts to camouflage them.

Helen – 13:38.  I didn’t mind the runs in the rain, and the KBS were unbroken at 35#.  The pull-ups are where I struggled.  I was able to do 24 with the blue band, but the last set I had to use the green band.  I’m sore today!  I followed Chris’ advice on hacking Helen and his words of wisdom definitely helped my grip strength not fail.  Some people nominated to row instead of run in the rain, and I bet their forearms are killing them today.

Last night I had my last Jacked & Tanned session at Currie Barracks.  We had a potluck!  I brought a few bottles of my freshly brewed kombucha and it went over pretty well.  People either love it or hate it.  The best reaction was from a dude, after his first sip: “Wow, that’s vinegary!  I thought this was apple juice!”

Today is a glorious rest day.  I slept in until 6:30 and it was wonderful!  I’m staying late at work today, because after work, I’m sitting a mock board for a few of my coworkers who are working on their CMA designations.  Coming up with intelligent questions will be the hard part…

Happy Wednesday!


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