Hatch Light

Every time I think of hatch, I think of Lost.  I loved that show.

I’ve been sleeping like the dead this week, and it’s awesome!  Last night, I stayed at work until 7:30 to help my coworkers with their CMA presentation.  I had a quick supper around 8 when I got home, and watched good ol’ Extreme Weight Loss with Dana.  He hates the drama in the show, but I love the transformations.

We both went to the 6 AM class this morning.  Thursdays are Coach Josh, and I love his classes.  The program:

My 70% back squat was 125#, and my 60% front squat was 85#.  Lighter today, but 9 sets does not equal an “easy” squat day by any stretch.  According to the UPS website, my new lifters are sitting on our front porch at home.  I can’t wait to try them out!

Squat 2 Squat 1

After hatch, we had our quick little AMRAP.  I’m still very sore from Tuesday’s WOD, so although I did the clean & jerk RX, I subbed ring rows for the pull-ups.  It was embarrassing but necessary.  The push-ups were fine, thankfully.  Modified push-ups aren’t my cup of tea.  3 rounds + 3 reps in 7 minutes.  A good little sweat sesh before work!

Dana dropped me off at work after, then it’s been a busy day ever since.  I had a PR of 3 meetings today at work.  That’s more than I usual have in a month at work.  Guess I’m getting important… 🙂

After work plans include… nothing!  It’s been a busy week, so I’m looking forward to making supper, eating at a normal time, and hanging out with Dana.  And maybe a bike ride on Ruby Tuesday (my lovely red bicycle).  We are also going to figure out our Saturday hike!


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