STOH & Hang. Power. Snatch.

The week is flying by.  Could it be my looming tooth extraction on Thursday that is making the minutes go whooshing by?  Which reminds me of one of my Dad’s favorite quotes:


Anyway, I digress.  Yesterday after work, we had this fun shoulder explosion at Sunalta:

The strict press was the limiting factor for the odd minutes.  I stuck with 65# for all the sets.  Coach Tim noticed that I was fully gripping the bar doing push press and jerks, even when it was supposedly resting on my chest.  He said I should just let the bar rest on my open fingers at the bottom of the movement – only gripping the bar at full extension.  Turns out, he’s a genius!  I think my jerk #s may go way up with that little tweak.  Once I retrain my muscles that is.

Not to be smug, but I did all the strict pull-ups without a band!  And I got my toes up to the bar for the T2B, so I was satisfied with that.  I’m not saying I was a graceful gymnast, but I’m getting a little closer every day.

I’m still laughing about the metcon.  Just before we got started, Dana peeked at the board to see who had scored what earlier in the day.  A dude from the 6 AM class scored 157 (or something close).  I reasoned that if I did about 50 reps per round, I’d be happy (as I understood it, 157 was the total of all three rounds).  I used 65# for the push press and power cleans, and even did double unders.  Imagine my pride when I got 54 each round (20 push press+13 power cleans+22 double unders) consistently.  Knowing that I had to fight for every one of those double unders lessens the blow, but I had to laugh when I got up to the board to post my score at the end and I realized that that dude had scored 157 in ONE round, not THREE.  #humbled

After supper, Mal came over for a walk with Dana and I.  Dana steered us towards the nearby Dairy Queen, which was delightful.  It was great catching up with Mal and getting some fresh air.  I am loving the sunny days this week!


My cousin is getting married this summer, so Haley and I went bridal shower gift shopping at lunch.  We were successful shopping at The Bay, thankfully.  Then I made Haley lug the gift home.  🙂 Thanks girl!

Time evaporated after lunch as my coworker is teaching me in the ways of the force.  By “the force”, I mean Access.  Does anyone even use Access anymore?  Well, I do.  Who even knows what is going on in that program?

Dana went golfing after work so I headed to the 4 PM class solo.  Coach Em was teaching.  She is headed south to train for the Games soon, so I was glad to have her coach one more time before she goes.  It was an all-girls class!  No boys today!

On today’s agenda:

I got to use my new lifters today!  For my 95% back squat, I did 155# and then used 115# as my 85% front squat.  The shoes made a difference!

The AMRAP was quick and nearly painless.  For five minutes, you do as many snatches as you can; however, every minute on the minute you do 10 box jumps.  27 for the count, although I’m pretty sure 95% of them were muscle snatches.  My snatch technique leaves a lot to be desired…

When I got home, I took Ruby Tuesday out for a spin around the neighborhood.  It was beautiful out!  Supper was a bison burger, bacon, mashed potatoes, and fresh asparagus.  SO GOOD.  Now I’m watching School of Rock and blogging.

How is your week going?


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