(20 X 400) – 3 * 5 = MATH & Fun Thursday

I’m home sick today, but more on that in a minute…  Let’s catch up on my week’s happenings.


For the third day in a row, Dana and I headed to Sunalta after work to get our sweat on.  As the temperatures have gotten warmer in Calgary, it has been HOT in the box after work.  The Gov’t of Canada weather website was calling for a severe thunderstorm after work, so the class was pretty packed for 4 PM.  The more the merrier!

As it was a little cozy in the gym, I shared a bar with Char and Anna for deadlifts.  We worked up to 165# as our max.  I enjoyed working on my handstand push-ups, although my tiny top knot was robbing me of full depth.  😛

Side story: I’ve been growing my hair out from a pixie cut (that’s been lingering in one shape or another since grade 3 – the last time I remember having a true ponytail) since the fall.  I can finally pull some of my hair up in a top knot, which is greatly appreciated at the gym to keep my hair out of my face.

The WOD was lengthy (20 minutes of pain!), but it was fun none-the-less.  Scaled slightly with 95# on the bar, because my collar-bone was sufficiently bruised from cleans earlier in the week, and pull-ups with a green band because my arms were so sore!  The runs in the hot sun were hard.  It was nice to pace myself with speedy Char.  She pushed me to finish 5 full rounds, plus an extra 200 m run.  Suffice it to say I was drenched with sweat after.  I felt like I had to give it my all because I’m taking a week or so off (the horror!).


Yesterday was a day I’d dreaded for weeks.  Back in November, I had one of my wisdom teeth pulled.  It had gotten very painful, and I begged the dentist to pull it.  He said he could get me in – just for the one tooth (and I was 100% fine with that!  I hate the dentist!), and so I got the one tooth pulled.  It was mildly traumatizing and perhaps because he had to crush the tooth then suction it out, or perhaps because I didn’t rest enough after the extraction, I got dry socket and was off work for a whole week.  For one tooth.   Pathetic, I know.  There’s only so much Netflix a girl can watch.

When I saw the dentist a few months later, he said my other three wisdom teeth had come in, and were sitting right below the gums where bacteria was just chillin’ like a villain.  I knew the adult thing to do but really hated making that appointment.

So yesterday was the fateful appointment for the extraction of my remaining three wisdom teeth – I now officially have no wisdom left.  You can stop reading my blog now.

It actually wasn’t so awful (don’t quote me until the window for dry socket has closed).  I think the dentist gave me at least ten needles before he started, and one more when I whimpered after the second tooth was pulled.  I wore my Dr. Dre headphones and pumped the Queen Platinum Collection album, twitched a little bit, and tried not to think about what was happening.  I didn’t cry this time, which was definitely progress, although the freezing did go up in to my left eye which made a few false tears fall (sure Kait, blame the freezing).

When I came out of the office, Dana was paying for my appointment and whisked me home.  He had a few laughs at my attempts at English, as my entire face was pretty numb.  I sent him a few lengthy texts in lieu of actual conversation so I could fill him in on all the gross details.  One of my teeth was impacted, so he had to suction it out after crushing it.

I watched Grease when I got home, then had a smoothie around 3.  No easy task with no sensation in your face.  Smoothie everywhere but my mouth, like my nephew Kade eating avocado.  I don’t think I’d ever seen Grease but enjoyed the cheesiness.  Then I had an epic drool EVERYWHERE nap.

I finished reading Christmas Abbott’s The Badass Body Diet.  It’s very similar to the Jacked & Tanned program I just finished, but allows for more fat (YAY FAT).  And who doesn’t want to look like Christmas?

Dana and I finished the night off watching two episodes of the newly released Orange is the New Black on Netflix.  I missed that show!

I popped some drugs before bed and then headed to bed.  Pain wasn’t too bad because my face was still frozen at bedtime, thankfully.


I woke up at 5:15 AM (my usual weekday wake up) and my mouth was throbbing a bit.  Groped my way to the bathroom in the dark to take a T3, and then managed to fall back asleep until 7 when Dana got up for work.  Today the pain doesn’t seem too bad, just some mild throbbing in my left cheek which is a bit swollen.

A little swollen but not too bad thankfully

A little swollen but not too bad thankfully

On the agenda:

  • Sit on couch and do nothing.
  • Drink protein shakes.
  • Watch Netflix.
  • Blog.
  • Nap.

It’s going to be a busy day.  Don’t know how I’m going to fit it all in.

I’m missing a lot of fun things this weekend: my cousin Amy’s shower in Edmonton, camping in Waterton with BFF Linds and Mitch, and/or hiking with Haley and Dana.  Currie Barracks is hosting B*tches & Barbells tonight (I would kill to go!) and an Oly workshop tomorrow (which I could REALLY benefit from – one word: snatches).  But I suppose there’s no ideal time to get your wisdom teeth pulled, so I’d better embrace the mandatory rest days and catch up on my shows.

Enjoy the weekend my friends!  


3 thoughts on “(20 X 400) – 3 * 5 = MATH & Fun Thursday

  1. I’m so excited for OITNB!!!!!!! Nice face, you don’t look swollen at all! I loved your little top-knot blurb hahaha. I can’t believe you can make a top-knot now! That’s progress 🙂 I’m glad Mal and I are both getting our due credit for being your BFFLS 😛 Have a great day, feel better soon. Enjoy being inside and warm, I’ll snapchat picture of me being wet and cold trying in vain to start a fire.


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