Sockit to the Socket

I suppose writing about the parts of life that aren’t all sunshine and butterflies is a component of being a blogger.  It has been an utterly exhausting, painful week.

Last weekend, I laid low and focused on doing as little as possible in the hopes of avoiding dry socket.  Dana can vouch that I was a lazy ass and basically lived on the couch.  I got out for a slow walk on Sunday, and when Monday rolled around, I felt pretty good.  I’d stopped taking the T3s on Sunday because I didn’t really need them, and they kind of hurt my stomach.  I was on the mend.

I took Monday off from work, just to ensure that I was all healed up.  Monday night, I had a bad sleep because my jaw was throbbing.  But I figured it was part of the healing process, and headed to work on Tuesday.  Tuesday was painful.  I took an extra-strength Tylenol every four hours because my jaw was painfully aching all day, not to mention I felt like I had an earache.  My coworker thought I should call the dentist, but I procrastinated until after work when Dana called the dentist’s number for me, and basically forced me to schedule an appointment for Wednesday.

You guessed it.  I have a dry socket AGAIN.  According to this website, about 5% are inclined to develop dry socket, and I am one of those incredibly blessed individuals.

Fun times, folks.  Thankfully the dentist was understanding and immediately gave me medicine.  Last time around, he used a paste that tastes like ground-up cloves and packed it in to the dry socket.  Within seconds, I was pain-free.  It was brilliant, other than the pungent taste of cloves for the next several days.  Kind of like good ‘ole Buckley’s cough syrup – tastes horrible, but it works.  This time, he gave me a topical ointment to try, called SOCKIT!.  I appreciate a good pun as much as the next English major drop out, but there’s a time and a place PEOPLE.  It tastes fine, and doesn’t work.

Thursday was my company’s employee day, but I had regressed back to taking T3s so I was pretty tired all day.  And T3s mean no alcohol (for me at least), so I was a bit tame compared to other years.  I did enjoy my ride down the Skyline Luge in the rain, but that was all the excitement I could handle.

After an afternoon of socializing with friends and coworkers, I headed back downtown for my haircut at Volume Beauty Bar, recommended by my sister-in-law Sus.  Nothing drastic to report – just a trim – as I am still working towards that fabled ponytail.  Dana came to chauffeur me home afterwards, and then we went to get my supper from the food trucks parked by our house.  I tried Bento Burrito, but have to say it was just okay.  I got the chicken version, in a g-free wrap.  The insides of the wrap were great, but the wrap was strange.  But hey, I didn’t have to make dinner!

Unfortunately, despite a day of T3s and fresh air, I had a horrible sleep last night.  My jaw was throbbing at about 3 AM when all the painkillers had worn off, and after that I couldn’t sleep even though I was so exhausted.  I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer today, regrettably.  I had another dentist appointment this appointment – I got the sutures out which was tear-invoking.  Then I promptly drove straight home and passed out.

So perhaps the strangest part of the past week has been my lack of exercise.  For a girl who lives and breathes crossfit, being unable to exercise is the worst punishment of all.

Monday night, I did go to Sunalta with Dana.  On Monday, I still felt reasonably pain-free!  I thought I was over the hump!  I thought I was invincible!

Truthfully, I didn’t want to miss hatch as we’re in week 10.  I did 125# for my 75% back squat, then 95# for my 70% front squat.  Then I was a responsible adult and sat out for the metcon and watched Dana sweat instead.  Any chance to skip double unders, folks!

I was responsible again on Tuesday and took the day off (as the dry socket became an issue, working out seemed inadvisable).

Wednesday I said “screw it” and went to class after work.

Oh, snatches.  I focused on form and used 55#.  I wore my new lifters to see if they’d make a difference getting down in to the OH squat, and they really did.  My kip swings were embarrassingly ungraceful but I managed the pull-up (strict) at the end of each set.

I like this kind of metcon, and the movements weren’t terrible.  I was terrified the medicine ball would smoke me in the face, but I luckily kept it together and avoided the pain.  Powering through KBS and sit-ups was surprisingly simple.  I used the RX weights for the wall balls and KBS, and finished with a combined total of:

  • 59 wall balls
  • 86 KBS
  • 91 sit-ups

Felt good going through the motions and getting my sweat on.  Of course, I went back to feeling dry socket-awful after class, but the endorphins were sure momentarily enjoyable.

Yesterday’s class was hatch, but between feeling like garbage from dry socket/T3s, and not leaving the hair dresser’s until 6:30, I was fine taking the day off.

I did attend today’s class with Coach Josh at 6 AM.  On the agenda:

I warmed up with the class, then did my hatch squats quickly.  125# again for the back squat and 95# for the front squat.  Since I only had 15 minutes, I was flying through the squats!  Probably a good thing I didn’t test my 1RM (rep max) deadlift today, seeing as my mouth is still feeling horrible.  My previous 1RM is 210# and I’m really interested if I could do 2x body weight.

After, I did Diane with the class.  I was a baby and used 135# on the bar (note to self: next time, you can do 155# KAIT).  I did 11 reps, then 10 for the first set of deadlifts.  In lieu of HSPU, I did a 20 second handstand hold, then hand-release push-ups.  Back to the bar, I did 10 reps, then 5.  The HR push-ups were fine, then back for the 9’s which I powered through.  I was feeling the burn on the last set of push-ups, but finished in 5:12.  Felt so great to be back at Sunalta doing what I love.  There was definitely a bounce in my step as I walked from the parking lot to the office after.

Tonight & Weekend

Well, I certainly feel like I’ve lived a thousand years this week.  It’s been an exhausting few days of drowsiness, nausea, and excessive pain.  The weekend couldn’t come soon enough.  When Dana came home from work today, I had a big, tired cry while he rubbed my back.  I feel like I’m almost over the dry socket, but who knows.  Last time, it was about 10 days after the extraction that I started feeling healed up.  Fingers crossed that by Sunday I’m pain-free and have caught up on my sleep.

We’re planning to do an ice cream run tonight, and possibly some b-day shopping for a certain friend.  Then tomorrow, I’ve got coffee planned with BFF Mal, then a movie date with Dana.  We’ve been booked to babysit our adorable niece Bailey tomorrow, so I’m very excited for that!  Then Sunday, we’re headed out to Banff to cheer on BFF Linds and Mitch as they run their race.  Lots of fun things on the agenda so I’m going to pop some meds and enjoy myself!

I’ll sign off with this funny message.  Enjoy the weekend, friends!


One thought on “Sockit to the Socket

  1. Best cheer team ever!! I hope your mouth is feeling better 😦 What a disaster, that sounds so horrible I feel terrible for you! At least all the teeth are gone now though! That means no more dry socket because you won’t have to get anymore teeth pulled!! Right!? Feel better soon 😀


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