Weekend & Back to My Normal Self


Dana and I ended up having quite a nice Friday night.  Supper was sushi (salmon, mostly) at Sukiyaki House and then picked up ice cream from Market 17 on the way home, to enjoy while we watched home reno shows.  Dana lives for the Property Brothers.


… was a whirlwind.

To start our day on a positive (? are we sadists ?) note:

Well, wasn’t this a joy Coach ERIC.  Now we really know who the sadist is.

I took a T3 prior to the workout, as my tooth (or lack of) was still being miserable.  So I was pretty spacey and out of breath the entire time.  15 minutes in I felt like I would pass out.  It was about 25 degrees out, but I’m not making excuses.

As there was a big Saturday class, I was on a team with Erin and Dana.  I started on the thruster/burpee combo.  I don’t think I’ve done thrusters since good ‘ole 15.5!  They surprisingly didn’t suck – perhaps all those hatch front squats are paying dividends?

Everything else was a huge suck fest.  The 800 m run was soul-sucking.  I had to stop and pep talk myself twice.  The double unders became 3x singles.  I used a 12# ball for the wall balls and even that was beyond me.

In the end, I got through one full round and then got done another set of thruster/burpees, “muscle ups”, and wall balls.  However the hell you would score that.

Needless to say, I was SO GLAD when 30 minutes was over.

From Sunalta, we raced home to get cleaned up, then dear Mal came by to pick me up for a lunch out.  We headed to Corbeaux to sit on their lovely patio on 17th.  I am a creature of habit, for sure.  We had a lovely time visiting though.  Mal enjoyed her lunch, but my hamburger left a lot to be desired.  Sticking to lattes from now on.  Can’t beat the lattes.

She dropped me off at Chinook to watch Jurassic World with Dana.  In IMAX.  3D.  I only jumped once, so it was a success.  I thought it was just the right amount of corny.

We headed over to Lindsay and Mitch’s neck of the woods to drop off her birthday gift, but then I text her only to find out they were already in Banff for the night.  So with time to spare before babysitting, Dana and I headed, again, to Sukiyaki House for the second night in a row.  I’m embarrassed to type that, but sometimes a girl’s got to eat sushi!

With bellies full of delicious sushi, we headed to Jenna and Nathan’s to babysit Bailey.  J & N left for their date while Bailz was peacefully sleeping in my arms, and when they came home, she was sleeping in the rocker.  There was a brief stint in the middle where she was very unhappy, but I think Dana and I handled it as best we could.  I got a pretty adorable smile out of her which was the highlight of my week.


We pretty much collapsed in to bed after babysitting, and Dana and Haley were up early to head out to the mountains with the hopes of experiencing Via Ferrata for free (grand opening promo!).  I, on the other hand, slept in until 7:45 then madly got myself ready, zipped to the farmers’ market, prepped a pot roast for the slow cooker (used this recipe and it was THE BOMB), and got out the door for Banff by 9:45.  I chatted on the phone with Mom and Dad all the way out, and then found parking and the finish line with relative ease.  I was cheering for random runners, when I looked down the fence line, and to my surprise saw Dana, Mitch, and Haley about 3 people down.  We didn’t wait long for Linds and Zoe to cross the finish line – everyone was speedy!

Post-race beers (for the racers, not for Ms. T3 2015) and pizza were had at the Bear St. Tavern, then Dana and Haley headed back out to Via Ferrata to wait their turn, while I drove back to Calgary alone. I was dreadfully tired from a week of painkillers, and had to pull over at a truck stop to sleep for an hour after I had nearly veered off the road a few minutes earlier.  Yikes.

When I got home, more meal prep – I made Jamie Oliver’s Tikka Masala (that guy can do no wrong) and roasted sweet potatoes.  Then I enjoyed the pot roast that had cooked gloriously all day, with some mashed spuds.  SO GOOD.


A usual work day, followed by a lovely evening with Dana watching shows and a quick 2 mile run just to get my sweat on.  Other than being really hot out, it was great!


How is it Tuesday already?  I had a busy day of work with a 3 hour meeting in the middle, and then after work headed to Sunalta to do some hatch!

You know I got to 175# – that’s a PR baby!  WOOHOO!  It was amazing!  Especially after the shaky week of tooth-related recovery I’ve had.  I didn’t know if I could manage it, but I did!

My heaviest front squat was 100#, and I was relieved to put away the bar after that.  Tired legs…

The WOD was a sprint.  5:11.  My pull-ups were a mix of modifications: ring rows, Sean Lind-style, with a band… Then push-ups and sit-ups were no biggie.  And also a small personal victory, I did all double unders!  Not strung together, but dubs none-the-less.  #gainz

Tonight has been a pleasant mix of eating all the things and blogging, while watching About Time.  Dana’s out of town so I’m fending for myself.

I’ll check in later this week.  Happy almost-Wednesday!


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