Snatch Jump Chipper

It’s been a busy week!  My workouts are taking a toll on my poor body – I’m pretty wore out today.


With Dana still out of town with work, I headed to Sunalta on my lonesome after work for the 4 PM class.  I had debated all day about going because I was definitely feeling the hatch burn in my legs.  Somehow my vehicle was suddenly parked in front of the box, so I had no choice but to go in.

We warmed up with the usual dynamic stretches, then started working on snatch form, and actually getting down in to an overhead squat.  I like to be lazy and just muscle snatch the bar, then call it a day.  Not yesterday though – I forced myself to OH squat and even did 70# successfully.  That was enough for me though.  God, I hate snatches.

My high-as-possible box jumps were very laughable, with my sore, sore legs.  I just did the usual 24″ box, plus a 2″ plate, and was grateful for not falling on my face.

The metcon was fun.  50 box jump overs is a LOT, but I powered through them, then moved to the wall balls (12# ball for form), and quickly did the kettlebell swings (35#).  The tricky part was the KB thrusters (I think I used 24#) – it’s such an awkward movement and I was so winded from the other movements.  I have funny bruises on my biceps from the kettlebell today.  Instead of bar muscle-ups, I subbed 10 pull-ups with a blue band and called it a day.  9:51 and a bucket of sweat.

After I wiped my sweat angel off the rubber, I headed home.  It was gorgeous outside, so I walked over to the playground and practiced my bar muscle-ups a bit.  Being up on the rig terrifies me, so I thought perhaps being closer to the ground would help.  So many parts of getting stronger are actually mental, not physical.  I got a few solid attempts in and called it a day, then biked over to the grocery store on Ruby Tuesday.  I was out of peanut butter – the horror!

I put off eating supper for a bit and savored the new The Box magazine that came last night.  Their interview with Dave Castro, the evil CrossFit Games mastermind, was really interesting.  Apparently he’s already dreaming up events for the 2017 Games!

Supper was bison sausages, sweet potatoes, fresh green beans from the farmers’ market, and a big spoonful of peanut butter.  Separately of course.  Not mixed all together.  I finished watching the latest Extreme Weightloss and waited for Dana to get home.  He was later than expected, so I headed to bed.


Today is a glorious rest day.  I am so, so glad.  Dana and I are hanging out after work – maybe going for a stroll around the neighbourhood, or a bike ride.  Somehow I have a feeling ice cream will be involved.

The week ahead looks gorgeous!  Can’t wait for the weekend!


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