Hatch & Granite Games Week 2

Busy 24 hours for me! My two day workweek has flown by.  Staying until 5 was the pits, with all my coworkers leaving earlier, but such is life.


Of course we went to Sunalta after work to do our second last hatch day. I hit 125# for my 75% back squat, and 100# for my 75% front squat. Felt a bit tight in the hip region, but I think I was feeling all the biking and walking from the weekend.

The fun part of the wod was the AMRAP! I used 85# and am sporting some crazy leg bruises today from dropping the bar on my legs (of course I couldn’t let it hit the floor). I strategized all wrong and ended up doing 39 burpee box jump overs. I did get 30 hang power cleans (I love cycling the bar), but doing all the burpee box jumps SUCKED. At least it was only 6 minutes. Everyone was complaining after about their forearms hurting, but I clearly spent too much time doing burpee box jumps to hurt my grip strength by holding on to the bar. Yeesh.



After profusely sweating at the gym, we went home for supper, then to Costco for a “few things”. Costco is never just a few things. When will we learn? Some of spoils were sensible, like almond butter, Greek yogurt, and fruit. Others were less healthy, like the salted chocolate almond Bark Thins. You win some, you lose some.

We were home by 8-ish, and just sitting down to watch some Orange is the New Black when my mom called to chat holiday plans. We watched about 15 minutes of an episode after, then headed to bed. Loving season 3, although I’m surprised at our willpower – we haven’t binge-watched the season! Too nice outside for TV, I suppose.


Like the crazy kids we are, we were up this morning for another wod at 6 AM. My body hadn’t had time to realize how tired it was yet, so the workout felt pretty good. On the menu:

The Granite Games is a big competition with an open season just like the CF Games. I’m not doing the Granite Games open officially, as many of the movements/weights are too advanced for me, but Coach Eric is programming the workouts regardless and we can scale accordingly.

I worked my way up to a 70# snatch which is my current 1RM, then did 109 reps during the AMRAP, then hit 70# again. No PRs for me today on the snatch front. HOWEVER I did string together 8 double unders, then 6 after that, which is a Christmas miracle. I have only ever strung 2 together before, so I feel like I’m definitely turning a corner on that skill! I forced myself to do all double unders for the wod to get my practice in, hence my relatively low reps. I did ring rows instead of pull-ups and leg raises for T2B.

Dana sneakily took a video of me doing 65#.

I skipped the pull-ups because after work we went bouldering for the first time! Haley likes to go bouldering, and has asked us to go many times, so when my coworker organized a bouldering after-work event, I knew it was a sign. We were going to climb at the Stronghold location, but its bouldering floor was closed, so Haley drove us out to near the Calgary airport to the new Hanger location.

Dana, Haley, and I had a blast! I will be very sore in the days to come, I bet.  Dana’s upper body strength was astonishing – he could maneuver himself quite gracefully with just his arms working.  And Haley was fantastic!  She definitely has more talent than me when it comes to bouldering.  I could hardly handle the beginner level runs, meanwhile Ms. Boulder herself was very agile and handling the harder runs with skill.  I’ll be sticking to the level one runs for a while I think…

 The next few days are full of fun – not sure how often I will check in. Tomorrow is Canada Day and Dana’s birthday BBQ, then Friday we’re heading out backpacking with Haley, Saturday is Dana’s real birthday, and Sunday is family supper with the Kinnairds. So much fun!

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians!


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