Push, Pull, Run

This morning Dana and I got our sweat on early before work.  I knew this delight was on the agenda and was horrified:

Can you sense my excitement?

Coach Candice was the bright spot in the class, thankfully.  We worked on our snatch technique and then started the wod.  I worked my way up to 70# and Candice helped me a bit at the end with my form.  She said I should think less about bumping the bar with my hips, and more about becoming a straight line with full hip extension. One day I will be graceful.

You know it’s a rough morning when burpees are the highlight.  Breezed through them in about 25 seconds per 8.

The dreaded AMRAP made me sad.  I started off using a blue band for the pull-ups, then finished my reps with a (thicker) green band.  The wall balls, with a 12#, were uncomfortable and gassed me quickly.  The run had me panting.  The second round, I ditched the pull-ups in lieu of ring rows, struggled through the wall balls, and had to stop half way through the run to hyperventilate and semi-cry.  Luckily Dana was there to rub my back and tell me to keep breathing, and then we slowly finished the second lap together.  I got done another set of ring rows, and 18 wall balls.  Total: 2 rounds + 33 reps.  And fought for every one of them.

I don’t know what made me so frustrated about the AMRAP, to the point that I started to cry.  Wall balls and pull-ups are not in my wheelhouse, for certain. But I suppose the positive in the whole damned experience is that I kept grinding, despite wanting more than anything to curl up and cry on the sidewalk.

Work has been a little rough too this morning.  I am greatly anticipating our vacation, starting tomorrow afternoon!  I need a break!

Last night was spent preparing for said holiday.  Dana helped me cook two of our favorite recipes: Well Fed 2’s West African Chicken and the taco meat from Plantain Nachos.  I’m sure the two contractors doing work in our condo didn’t appreciate smelling all the meals cooking, and then not being offered supper.  I’m bringing the meals, frozen, on our trip so that I have healthy Kait-friendly food to eat, without relying on others to cater to my dietary restrictions (no eggs, no gluten).  I tried scavenging last year and it didn’t work so well, so this time I’m using a new approach.

We also made a big purchase last night… two kettlebells – a 16kg and a 24kg.  I’m pumped to take them on the trip so I can do some workouts!  I noticed some great travel workouts on this site that I want to try (Dana is rolling his eyes right now).

Tonight we’re packing, and then tomorrow after work we’ll head out.  I’m excited!  There’s no internet where we’re headed, so who knows when my next update will be.  Enjoy the nice weather!


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