BC Vacation 2015

What a whirlwind vacation! This summer is flying by!

On the 9th, my company had its annual Stampede party at the good ol’ Cowboys tent near the BMO Center. I dressed up in my plaid cowgirl shirt, blue jeans, and cowboy boots (despite the at least 30 degree temps), and headed off to the grounds with my coworkers. It was, as usual, good conversation and lots of excellent people-watching. Can’t beat the Calgary Stampede!

I left the party mid-afternoon and cabbed home, then I quickly finished packing while Dana loaded our car for our big BC trip. We got on the road around 4 PM and drove all the way to the cabin near Blind Bay, which is close to Sorrento. We did stop for a nice sit-down meal in Golden at Whitetooth Mountain Bistro. Due to a miscommunication with the server, we had a hearty supper of seared tuna salad (me), a Reuben sandwich (Dana), and the salmon and ratatouille special (shared between us). All the food was so delicious! It was about 35 degrees on the patio at 7 PM – just ridiculous!! 

Our time at the cabin was great. Originally, four young men became friends out in Manitoba years ago – one of them is Dana’s dad, Barry. Eventually, they all started families and began camping at White Pines in Sicamous every summer. The campground was eventually replaced by condos, and four families continued to visit Mara Lake. Now, many moons later, the families continue to meet up at the cabin of one of the families on Blind Bay for a week/weekend visit every year. This year all three generations of the four families came, so it was quite a crowd with lots of babies to fawn over! Many drinks were enjoyed on the relax-y taxi, and many games of beer pong were played (after I was asleep because I’m a grandma). Dana’s family rented a cabin across the street from the other cabin, so Dana and I got a room in the family cabin for a few nights and stayed a few nights at the neighboring cabin too. Moms with kids get priority over DINKs (AKA Dana and I).

I brought my new KB along for the trip and fit in three morning workouts before it got too hot each day. The first morning I did my workout out on the dock, as it was relatively stable and flat. I did 21-18-15…-3 KB swings and burpees and worked up quite a sweat. Unfortunately, I ended up with fiberglass slivers in the fronts of my quads and on my palms from doing burpees, so I avoided the dock after that painful experience. It was so great having a KB there to workout with though! I also ran on three mornings, with my longest run clocking in at 3.5 miles, so it was an active week! One of the highlights for me was swimming in the lake in the morning while the water was calm. So relaxing and refreshing!

Another highlight was spending lots of time with my niece and nephew – oftentimes I see them after work in Calgary, when they’re ready for bed and grumpy. Much nicer to see them when they are chipper and happy in the morning! I loved helping Kade practice his high fives and waves, and hanging out with Bailey in the shade. They are both so adorable!

Somehow I avoided the annual Mara Lake family golf tournament this year (success!), but we kept busy boating around the lake with the pontoon boat and had some hilarious evenings playing card games, and one night enjoyed an outdoor movie projected on the side of the cabin. It was a great week with beautiful weather and old friends! 

On the 16th, everyone packed up and headed their own way. Last minute, Dana and I booked a room in Kelowna so headed south to wine country! We had a fabulous time there!

The drive was uneventful, and then we had lunch at Quail’s Gate (SO GOOD) and did some wine tasting and a tour.  

From there, we headed to The Hatch, a new winery just down the road.


Someone had too many wine samples though and needed to go home for a nap after that…

We enjoyed a late supper at a little pizza place, Bordello’s, in Kelowna. Great g-free pizza crust and Dana really enjoyed his meal, too.  

 Make a reservation if you go though – it’s tiny! We headed to the ice cream store (Moo-Lix) next and enjoyed dessert. After, we headed back to our hotel to curl up in bed and watch a movie, Woman in Gold. We both really enjoyed it!

On our second day in Kelowna, I took a hot yoga class at Hot Box Yoga. It has been so long since my last hot yoga class! The studio is beautiful and full of light, and the instructor was really great. Initially, I had lamented that the class was only an hour long, but after an hour, I was relieved that it was over. All that crossfit makes a girl pretty tight in the hips and shoulders! It was fairly exhausting at times, but I felt so awesome after. After showering, Dana and I had a long lunch at Salted Brick, a local cheese and charcuterie shop. Everything was SO tasty. I had an enormous salad with pears, walnuts, and (my fave) blue cheese, and we shared a cheese and charcuterie board. Safe to say I was very happy after.

Since we’d missed Mission Hill winery the day before, we headed back up that way to visit. Mission Hill has to be seen to be believed! It is gorgeous! Not that taken with the wine, but the winery is beautiful. Oddly enough, we ran in to my coworker there who was also down for a vacation.

We wandered around downtown a bit in the afternoon and checked out a wonderful home store called Lakehouse. I was fairly drooling over a chair there, but couldn’t fathom spending an arm and a leg on a chair when other parts of our home need more love. We stopped at Pulp Fiction for an iced latte (me) and a strawberry-chocolate milkshake (Dana) – both were so tasty!

From there, we drove to more wineries: CedarCreek, Tantalus, and Summerhill Pyramid. With my belly full of food, I did better handling all the wine tastings and not getting hammered.

 Dana was glad. Supper was at Summerhill’s Bistro, but it was pretty disappointing. We shared the steak frites, but it was mediocre, and the conveniently gluten-free and vegan peach cobbler for dessert was awful to say the least. At least the Summerhill wine tasting was above-par!

We finished our night with another movie – Kingsmen with Colin Firth. Pretty violent for me, but I actually enjoyed most of it! I like James Bond-type films. Dana was a fan!
On the 25th, we drove back to Calgary, but not before I made Dana come for a 3.5 mile run with me in the blazing morning sun. I loved the run; Dana was hating me by the end. I bought him a Pulp Fiction breakfast sandwich as a reward, and then we headed back to the hotel to get cleaned up and check out. We stopped at Gray Monk winery for lunch and it was a trip highlight! The cheese board was the best we’d had all trip, and our mains were both so, so good.  

 From Gray Monk, I drove the first stretch to Golden, and then Dana drove us to Banff for supper at Eddie Burger (great burgers!) and then home. It was a fantastic trip!

On Sunday, we did laundry and vegged around. It was a nice recovery day after so much travel. I got groceries from the farmers market, and we rotisseried a chicken for supper. Haley came over to eat with us and visit – it was so nice to see her. We aren’t used to spending time apart!

Today was a shock to the system.

  1. Getting up at 5:20.
  2. Going to the 6 AM crossfit class.
  3. Starting a new high-volume squat program. What the heck, coach Eric?
  4. Going to work.
  5. Getting to work and realizing no one covered my invoices while I was gone.

It was nice to be back at Sunalta, but GOD it was awful. Here was today’s programming:

Since we missed Day #1 of the new squat program last week, Coach Candice suggested doing 65%. I used 90# (140 as my 1RM). So glad I scaled down! Those squats were SO HARD after 10 days off. I felt like Bambi after two rounds, and then had to do two more. Going to be sore for the next week…

For the metcon, I used a green pull-up band, and was only mildly worried I’d fall on my face doing the burpee box jumps with my exhausted legs. Nearly got through the 12’s – scored 56 reps. Dana was struggling too – coming back after vacation is hard!

We have a busy week ahead – lots of time with friends and family, and my first beach volleyball game. I’ll check in soon!


2 thoughts on “BC Vacation 2015

  1. Your vacation sounds AMAAAZING!!! But girl, seriously, you need to learn what a vacation is lol. It generally doesn’t mean getting up early, OR working out, and you did both!?? Come on, you’re killin me here!!! 😛

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