Grace & Beach Volleyball

You can bet I’ve been walking like Bambi since Monday’s WOD.


I slept in a bit yesterday until 6 AM, and went to the 5 PM class at Sunalta.  Coach Eric had programmed a crossfit lady (for non-crossfit readers, the CrossFit girls are benchmark workouts) and I couldn’t miss seeing her:

I worked up to my old 1RM for clean & jerks – 115#.  Next time, I am ready to test that max.  The box jumps were laughable seeing as I could hardly walk, so I just did 24″ consistently and called it a day.

Seeing as I was not in top fighting shape, I opted to scale Grace using 85#.  It was a good choice!  I finished in 4:02.  10 reps unbroken, then I did sets of 5, and then a few singles right at the end.  Next time, I will do it RX!

After, I headed home for a quick shower and late dinner.  Dana was exhausted after a day of dry-walling (he volunteered with Habitat for Humanity for the day, lucky guy).

Around 8, we did something way outside our comfort zones – we went to beach volleyball!  We joined an 8 week summer team – just a fun league (thank God).  Dana played volleyball in high school, whereas I was pretty horrendous at it in gym class, but when some of our friends from Sunalta invited us to join their team, how could we say no?

We played at the facility in Parkdale (right near our old apartment, funny enough) and the sand felt so nice!  The slight downside is the late playing time, but some weeks we’ll get an earlier time fortunately.  The courts are booked for two hours, and you play two games.  The weather was beautiful, and there were no mosquitoes, and the overall vibe of the league was super chill.

Growing up, team sports were never my thing.  I prayed it would rain on soccer practice nights so games would be cancelled.  Even on my commute home last night, I found myself wishing that the ominous dark clouds over the city would rain down on Calgary thereby saving me from making a fool of myself.  But strangely – and to my amazement – I had a lot of fun last night!  Our team is so friendly and supportive, and no one made me feel bad about my rusty skills.  We laughed a lot and I even made a few good plays and serves.  My forearms were a bit bruised today and I need to practice bumping, setting, and spiking, but today I found myself thinking happily about yesterday’s game and looking forward to next week’s.

Who am I?  First crossfit, now this?  If I looked in the mirror right now, I wouldn’t even recognize myself.

(Just kidding, Mom…)

After we victoriously won our first game, and gracefully lost our second, ice cream at Lic’s was in order.  By the time we got home, it was after 10.  I had to drive with my left hand because my right was so swollen and bruised from my “powerful” (read: unpracticed) volleyball moves.  I iced my hand as I fell asleep, which wasn’t challenging after the active day!


No surprise here, but I still couldn’t walk properly today.  Or sit.  Thanks, Eric.  I will thank you again when I need to buy new pants because my quads have made so many #gainz.

I slept in until 6:15 and had a rather typical accounting-world day at work.  As an early Christmas gift to myself, I took tonight off from the gym and said no to a coworker’s invite to go bouldering.

Instead… Dana and I drove as quickly as we could through rush hour traffic to get home and watch the second event of the 2015 CrossFit Games!  We were so excited to see Coach Emily Abbott earn 2nd place in the Sandbag 2015 event, which required athletes to move sandbags across a stadium in a 250 lb wheelbarrow.  She was amazing!  The Games are running until Sunday and I can tell I’m not going to stray far from the couch as I watch Em and all the other strong ladies compete!

Since I have Friday off work, tomorrow is my Friday.  Family dinner with Dana’s clan tomorrow night, then seeing friends and old CMA colleagues on actual Friday, and hopefully a movie date with Dana, too.

Looking forward to a fun weekend ahead!  What do you have planned?


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