Quadzilla Runs

Yesterday was a really nice day.  After work, I headed to the 4 PM class at Sunalta.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that Coach Eric had programmed MORE SQUATS.  I was still sore from Monday’s!

My 94% of the first day of the squat program worked out to 85#.  The squats were painful with my sore, sore legs!  Coach Tim says that I won’t be hurting so badly as the program goes on and my body adjusts to the volume of squats.  Hatch was all about building to maxes in small sets; this program is high volume to build endurance.  And big quads.  I will definitely need to buy new pants after.

With 55# on my bar and 100 singles instead of doubles, I did the WOD in 8:10.  Everyone else took at least 2 minutes longer, which would be an indicator I should have RX’ed it.  I certainly can push press 65#, but if I did doubles, I would be doing the WOD forever!  Nice little WOD though for those of us with sore knees.

Dana’s sciatic nerve was bugging him, so he skipped class and biked over after to Sunalta.  After I rinsed off, we drove out to Cochrane for dinner with Dana’s family.  It was so nice to see Dana’s grandma, auntie, and cousins – a lot of time had passed between visits and we were over-due to catch up.  Jenna, Nathan, and Bailey came out too for supper.  As usual, Bailey was the star.  She is so adorable!  Supper was very tasty and hit the spot after my workout.  We played a few rounds of Balderdash then had to dash out the door to drive to the airport.  Dana’s high school friend is in town for the weekend and staying with us.

I was pretty tired by the time we got home, about 11:30.  Dana stayed up to visit, but I hit the hay!


When I woke up today, of course my legs were still hurting from squats.  I bought new Nikes this week though, and was eager to put them to work.  I had a spoonful of MCT oil, then headed out for a quick run around the neighbourhood.  My legs didn’t feel too awful once I got running, and I was only a bit tired from my short sleep.

My quick run turned in to a little over 3 miles and I was utterly surprised to get a few little notifications from my Nike app when I got home.  I PR’ed a few distances!

  • Fastest 1 km – 5:12
  • Fastest 1 mile – 8:23
  • Fastest 5 km – 27:06

I realize those numbers aren’t fast for a runner-runner, but for me, I was pretty pumped!

Quick shower after, then I went to book a car2go so I could drive to the Loop for breakfast with BFF Mal.  Unfortunately, the car I’d had my eye on prior to running had driven away.  I texted Mal to see if she could give me a lift, but when I didn’t hear back from her, I started walking towards the only other car2go in the neighbourhood which was about a 15 minute walk away.  Luckily Mal called me to say she’d pick me up, so together we zipped over to the Loop.

We had a lovely time catching up and had a delicious breakfast spread.  I ate like a woman starved after my run – chicken sausage, hashbrowns, and a pile of fruit.  And coffee.  Lots of coffee. Mal kindly drove me downtown for my next social outing – lunch with my old CMA friends from the SLP program.

Lunch was at the ol’ Oriental Phoenix downtown.  I had fun visiting with Michelle and Jeff while eating a pile of vermicelli noodles.  We survived the CMA SLP program together and I owe a lot to them!

From downtown, I car2go’ed home to watch more of the 2015 CrossFit Games.  Murph is on the TV as I write this – crazy to watch elite athletes tackle this classic CrossFit workout RX’ed with a weight vest.  In that crazy hot stadium in Carson, California!  I would die!  It’s comical to me how much I’m enjoying watching the Games this year – me?  Watching sports?  Enjoying it?

There’s discussion of tomorrow being a quick hike day, before family photos with Dana’s fam.  We’ll see where the weekend takes us!


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