Catching Up

Sorry for the lengthy-for-me hiatus from the blog! Summer has certainly kept me occupied.

Dana was gone, with work, to Montana all last week. I went solo to beach volleyball on Tuesday, did crossfit on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and bottled kombucha on Wednesday night. On Thursday night, I flew home to Grande Prairie with Haley. We had a busy weekend with a bridal shower for my cousin-to-be, a family birthday dinner for Haley and her birthday twin/BFF Jodi, and a stag/stagette for my cousin and cousin-to-be. I also fit in a 5 km run with Haley, a couple walks with my mom, and squats as programmed by Sunalta. On Sunday afternoon, I flew back to Calgary with a few slightly irritating flight glitches involving a connection problem in Edmonton. Dana was supposed to fly back to Calgary from Montana on Sunday too, but had flight issues and didn’t get home until after midnight.

Monday was a relaxing day, ending with a lovely anniversary dinner at our old favorite Farm. We made it to Sunalta for a workout:

I used 105# for my 80%, which was 5# less than I should have but the bar felt so heavy! 60 reps is a lot. The little metcon took about 5 minutes, but mostly because of those damn pull-ups. If there was one skill I wish I had mastered…

Tuesday, we should have gone to crossfit, but saw Barbara was programmed and dodged that bullet! Argh! We were supposed to play beach volleyball, but there was a crazy hail/rain storm so it was cancelled.

Wednesday was Karen.

Worked to 115# for the cleans in the EMOM and did the C2B pull-ups with a red (the skinniest!) band. Karen was just as dreadful as I’d built it up to be all day in my mind. Wall balls suck in general, but they especially suck for short people. I’m 5” tall – the target I have to hit with a 14# ball is 9”. And then I have to hit it with accuracy for 150 times?

God help me. I finished in 10:58 (RX) so there is a lot of room for improvement. I could hardly walk after, and the next day was worse.

Haley came over after for supper and a game of Settlers of Catan. Guess who won for the first time since we bought the game in December? THIS GIRL. I don’t usually boast, but this deserves some shouting from the rooftops. I owe my success to the longest road card, the biggest army card, and a “purchased” victory point. SUCCESS.

Yesterday was MORE SQUATS. Sweet baby Jesus.

I shared a barbell with Megan and we used 100#. Every rep hurt (thanks Karen). The metcon had a 13 min timecap, and I’d watched the 4PM class use every last second. Since my snatch weight is the limiting factor, I had to use 55# on the bar. The snatches were the difficult part, but everything else just flew by. I finished in 11:44 (under the time cap, yay!), but clearly because my bar was so light. I sure got sweaty though! Oddly enough, my palms are really bruised today. Maybe a combination of the wall ball on Wednesday and burpees yesterday?

Side note: Coach Em was back for her first class! Yay!

As soon as I got home, I started filling the bath tub with scalding hot water and Epsom salts. It was definitely needed after the beatdown on my quads this week. I ate some Fit Kitchen Vietnamese chicken for supper (SO GOOD), and watched some Orange is the New Black. I’m probably the only person who hasn’t finished the third season by now. I had no problem sleeping last night!

The WOD really appeals to me today – deadlifts and a short metcon after – but I left my gym bag at home so I would be forced to take a rest day. Tonight I have many ambitious plans that include cleaning our house, grocery shopping, and cooking, but we’ll see what actually happens. As of now, I feel pretty dang exhausted! Tomorrow I’m hitting up the 9:30 crossfit class, then meeting friends to celebrate Haley’s birthday. Should be a fun and busy weekend, as usual!


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