Heart & Hustle & Haley’s Bday

Poof! And the weekend is gone!


I raced from work to the Calgary Farmers’ Market for groceries. With chocolate chili and peanut chicken on my brain, I grabbed the related groceries and also sushi for supper from the sushi vendor. Then to Sobey’s for the rest of the groceries, and then home! I vacuumed the main floor, and intended to clean like a crazy person but then got a little hangry and had to stop for sushi. After the hangry subsided, I made a big batch each of chili and peanut chicken, with roasted potatoes as a side for the chili and rice for the chicken. It was 9 o’clock when I finally collapsed on the couch. Eating healthy is a pain in the ass sometimes!

I watched a few episodes of Orange is the New Black, then headed to bed.


I was up bright and early for the 9:30 crossfit class at Sunalta. It was SO BUSY. I think 18 people showed, which is a lot when everyone is tossing around barbells and wall balls, and also doing pull-ups and muscle-ups. This fun little WOD was programmed by one of Sunalta’s members, Alex:

At least, I thought it was going to be quick and easy. Turns out, it takes about 26 minutes of grunting and sweat. I used 65# for the cleans and push press, but had to knock down to 45# for the overhead squats. I fit the rope climbs into the cleans – 14 cleans, then a rope climb, 13 cleans, then another rope climb, then the final 13 cleans and rope climb. I’m so glad I did that gymnastics workshop at Currie Barracks back in February. It really helped my confidence with rope climbs. My shin bruised like a peach from the rope, but I’m getting stronger!

Anna came over after class and laughingly said I looked like I’d been swimming. Which was fair, I do get pretty sweaty.

Coach Em was coaching the class which was also fun! We missed her!

From crossfit, I headed to MEC to buy Haley’s birthday gift (hiking poles!), then home and out for a walk because it was so gorgeous outside. After a quick lunch and shower, I headed to Haley’s. She opened her gift and finished getting dolled up, then we headed to Anejo for beverages and tacos with friends. Anejo has a great happy hour! We had a lot of laughs and also tequila, and then walked together to National on 10th for more celebrating.

Haley, me (with long hair), Mal

Haley, me (with long hair), Mal

I may have had one or two beverages too many, but it was a very fun night! Note to self: eat more than two tacos before drinking a ton. Two tacos is not enough. Around midnight, Mal drove me home after we walked/ran 1.5 km to where her car was parked. Yay barefoot midnight runs in the rain!


…was a bit of a struggle. I coaxed myself out of bed with two Advils and a nuun tablet, then eventually got some breakfast and coffee down. I finished watched season 3 Orange is the New Black, then did some laundry, washed the floors, and went for a walk. Then started watching the fourth Harry Potter movie (my fave of the series!) and ate some peanut chicken for supper. It was a rough day, but I have no one to blame but myself. And possibly Wade for ordering too many shots.

Dana got home around 8 from his manly man golf trip to Montana. He was worn out after playing five rounds in the sun over the weekend, plus the drive back to Calgary. Hard to feel bad for him though!

Tonight we have crossfit after work, and then maybe supper with a friend at our place. Looking forward to a hot week of summery weather!



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