Pressing Monday

It was a hot one yesterday!  We went to the 4 PM class and it was 30 degrees out, which is too warm for a fair-skinned individual like me (although it’s a rule in Calgary that one must not complain about hot weather).

The program:

The warm-up alone had my heart pumping in my chest and sweat dripping down my back.  I partnered with Anna and we worked up to 75# on the bar for the strict press, which is pretty heavy for me with good form.  I did all my pull-ups with no band!  And even strung two together a few times!  Yay me, I’m getting stronger.

Coach Eric gave us a few minutes to breath and recover sweat, and then we started the little WOD.  I’ve got to stop thinking “oh that looks easy”.  It kills me every time.  Yeah, the WOD took me 8 minutes and 14 seconds, but I definitely bargained every second of it.  I used 55# for the snatch, as per my usual, and the burpees were no problem.  #shortpersonwins

Definitely “the sweater” after that WOD.

After crossfit, Dana and I raced home to get supper ready.  Paul, our best man, came over for dinner.  Dana BBQ’ed us these chicken skewers and they were so tasty!  We all ate like we were starved.   I left the boys to chat while I continued watching Harry Potter – it’s taking me forever to finish that movie!

Paul headed home later, then Dana did ALL THE CHORES while I relaxed.  It was fantastic!

I gave a presentation this morning four times which was initially rather stressful, and then not so bad once I got going.  Presenting is really not high up there on my priority list.

Off now for a lunch hour walk with BFF Linds – loving the sunshine we’re getting right now!  After work will be lots of squats and then beach volleyball.  This summer has been jampacked!


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