Active Tuesday

My body is pretty exhausted today!

Last night, we went to the 4 PM class and did some heavy squats with Coach Em. Can I say again how happy I am she is back coaching?

I could not fathom 85% on the bar, so did 5# less and used 115#. Six sets is A LOT. I was covered in sweat by the time we were done. The WOD was quick and not too bad. My arms were pretty sore from Monday’s workout, so I did ring rows instead of pull-ups and 85# on the bar to do push press as my shoulder-to-overhead (STOH) movement. Done in 6:07 and SO SWEATY. This heat wave is killer!

From Sunalta, we zipped home, with a quick stop at IGA for a roast chicken and mixed salad. IGA has great salads! This one had some sort of white cheese, almonds, strawberries, craisins, and blueberries, along with lots of greens. I was way too hot to eat, but Dana quickly ate some dinner. Then we were off to beach volleyball at the Marda Loop courts.

Our game didn’t go very well – perhaps it was the heat and blazing sun? The second game’s team didn’t show up, so we won by default. Part of the team left for beers, but I stayed with Dana and Haley and a group of us played a smaller game. I was overheating so sat on the sidelines and chatted with Megan while Dana and Haley played 2-on-2. They were pretty good!

After volleyball, we did the usual evening things like showering, making our breakfast smoothies, and washing dishes, then passed out. Sleeping is very easy when you are worn out!

This morning, I laced up my sneakers and headed out running at 5:30. The sun was just starting to rise and it was nice and cool out. I did 4.3 km. The first part of the run felt really good, but I tuckered out on the way back to the house and didn’t enjoy it as much. For once, I took my time getting ready for work, and then Dana and I drove in to work together. It was a really nice start to my day.

Work has been very busy this summer as I try to cram a month’s worth of work into three weeks, and then only have four work days a week to get things done. The Fridays off are both a curse and an amazing blessing. I will be sad to see them go in September, but I have to admit it will be nice to be on top of things again.  Accounting…

Tonight we’re skipping crossfit, although it does look fun (The Chief is programmed). Instead, I think we’ll hit up Costco and maybe go for a bike ride. Busy busy as always!


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