Amy’s Wedding Weekend

Thursday was a success – my haircut feels much better (growing your hair out is the worst, I’ve decided) and then Dana met me at Chinook to see Ricki and the Flash .  I love Meryl so was glad Dana let us go.  The movie was so-so and had its funny moments, but overall, I’d say wait until it’s on Netflix.

Friday seemed like a blur.  In the morning, we had a late birthday brunch for Dana with his sister, Jenna, and our niece, Bailey.

 We went to The Beltliner and it was great!  I had a smoothie before we left our house, because with me not eating eggs and gluten, brunch places can be a challenge.  Fortunately, they had some extremely tasty lamb merguez sausage and fresh fruit that I was able to enjoy.  Bailey was so adorable and cool as a cucumber (as usual).  So nice to spend time with Jenna and Bailey!

After brunch, we headed to Sunalta for our daily WOD:

I think I used 110# on the bar.  It felt heavy.  I’m noticing a pattern here.  These high-volume squat days are hard!

The modification offered for the handstand push-ups (HSPU) was wall-walks, which I loathe, so I was complaining to Coach Dave about them.  I asked if I could do anything else as a sub, but he said wall-walks or HSPU were my options.  He asked if I could do a single HSPU so I flipped on to the wall to show him.  To my surprise, I did three unbroken HSPU.  It was then decided I’d do the WOD as written (haha).

I think I did the WOD in 10:57 (pretty damn close to my Karen time, but very different feeling WODs).  I did all the HSPU, but halfway through had to ditch the plates beside the abmat, and just use the abmat to scale it.  All the same, I was pleased.  The toes-to-bar (T2B) were laughable.  I did hanging leg raises instead and just got through them.  Same with the box jump overs, which are not a speedy thing for me.  For once, I made the WOD about skill work and didn’t worry so much about the time on the clock.  It was kind of nice.

After crossfit, Dana wanted to wash our car, and Haley needed me to run an errand for her downtown, so off we headed.  Mission accomplished, we headed home to pack for our Edmonton trip.  When Haley was off work, we picked her up downtown and drove north.  The trip typically takes 2.5-3 hours, but there was lots of traffic and then an accident, so it was slow going.  We arrived a little later than we would have liked, but got there safely.

My dad’s side was having dinner all together at Lazia and so we joined them there belately.  My meal should be filed under “strange but good.”  I was so hungry that anything would have tasted good, but I’d never order that meal again.  Weird, I know.  We had birthday cake for my dad’s cousin, then everyone headed off to bed.  We stayed at the Matrix hotel downtown.  It’s pretty nice!

Saturday was my cousin Amy’s wedding!  I woke up a bit early, and headed to the gym for a run.  I’d wanted to run outside since we were near the river valley, but it was only 11 degrees out and looked a bit rainy.  Perfect treamill-running weather if you ask me.  I got three miles in with intervals, then headed to breakfast after.

We wanted to do some shopping at West Edmonton Mall (WEM), specifically Simons, but didn’t have time to make the drive across town, so settled for the downtown mall instead.  It’s pretty grungy, but I found a drugstore and was able to get a few things I needed.

After getting all dolled up at the hotel, we headed to the wedding ceremony.  Amy looked gorgeous and it was so cute seeing how happy Matt looked as she came towards him.   

In between the ceremony and the reception, there was a bit of a miscommunication with the relatives, and Dana, Haley, Dad, and I ended up at Pampa Steakhouse for a drink.  We resisted the Brazilian BBQ and had some rather boozy cocktails instead, before meeting my mom, aunt, and uncle at Cactus Club for some appies and drinks.

From there, we all headed down to the Royal Glenora Club for the reception.  It was a beautiful location and the reception was a lot of fun!  We especially enjoyed the meal.  Lots of food for us g-free folks!  Tears were shed during the speeches, especially my cousin Vicky’s (Amy’s sister) – hers was very touching.

One entertaining moment was when I wandered over with Dana to peek on the other wedding happening in the Club’s other hall… and got thrown out for being a wedding crasher.  Me of all people!

Around midnight, we all piled in to a taxi van and headed back to the hotel.  Sleeping wasn’t hard after all that excitement!

Sunday was for shopping (finally!).  After breakfast, we headed to WEM and I got my Simons fix.  I tried on about a million things, but ultimately bought a couple dresses and a few shirts.  Their stuff is so cute!  Dana was very patient with me as I tried on everything.  I also shopped at Loft!  WEM has one of Canada’s only Loft stores so I was happy to visit my old friend.  I only bought one blouse there, but not for lack of trying.

We ate (g-free) pizza at Boston Pizza (tasted just like I remembered) and then I drove us back to Calgary.  We were cruising along for two hours, when suddenly traffic started slowing down, and then eventually reduced to a crawl.  There was an accident on the highway near Carstairs, so the highway was closed and we were slowly routed through the emergency detour out through Carstairs.  We left Edmonton at 3 PM and didn’t get home until close to 8:30.  It was brutal!  Not how I predicted the drive going…

When we got home, we did the bare minimum to get ready for work, then watched some TV before bed.  I was exhausted!

Today we were up early for the 6 AM class with Coach Candice:

Because nothing feels as good as heavy, heavy squats first thing in the morning.  #heavysarcasm

I used 120#, which is a bit short of my 90%, but it felt so heavy!  Six rounds of nine squats – ugh!  Got it done though.  Used a belt to keep my core tight.

The WOD took 11:27, although Candice initially wrote a ten minute time cap on the board.  Not happening!  I had to use a green and blue pull-up band which was frustrating, as I thought I’d finally made some progress in that area.  I did 10 double unders, then 60 singles, as a scale for the double unders.  I’m not very strong at stringing them together with any regularity.

Thoroughly exhausted, Dana and I headed to work after.  Thankfully, he dropped me off at the office because walking a few blocks in the cold didn’t sound very appetizing.  I know I’m being a baby.  🙂

We got to see Susan and Kade last night which was fantastic! He was laughing up a storm and provided a lot of entertainment, as usual.

Now for Tuesday!



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