Cold V-Ball Tuesday

Tuesdays are my most physically active day without a doubt.

Work has been busy this week as I attempt to get everything under control before leaving for vacation.  My coworkers/friends have been great about covering my deadline-related stuff while I’m gone, and hopefully nothing else blows up while I’m gone!

Anyways, Tuesday –

Yesterday, I debated heavily all afternoon about going to class.  Even as I was driving across town towards the gym, I was still flip-flopping about going.  Ridiculous!  It wasn’t even like I was too sore or tired to go.

I worked up to 75# for my strict press with my shoulders snap-crackle-poppin’.  I’m getting old.  Morgan and I shared a 24″ box to rest our feet on while we did our chest-to-ring rows.  Reminded me of 2110 Fitness and all the TRX ring rows Jonny had us do.

I got through three rounds of the metcon plus 15 reps into the fourth round.  Not a great score, but I was really moving slowly.  I don’t enjoy toes-to-bar (hanging leg raises at this point), and snatches (55#) make me grumpy, so needless to say I was not motivated to move quickly.  Plus my shoulders were so tired from the snatches that I had to use 45# for the overhead lunges, when normally I could do 65# no problem.  Yeesh, not my finest WOD.  At least I went!

As I was leaving the gym, Dana arrived on his bike.  That crazy guy biked to work from home in the morning, biked to the gym from work, then did crossfit at 5PM, then biked home after.  You can imagine that he was crazy hungry when he got home!

We ate dinner, rested a little bit, then headed to beach volleyball.  The sand was cold and wet from rain the night before, and it was not all that warm out anyways.  The mosquitos came out full force.  It was dark for our second game.  All in all, the 8:15 games are not my fave!  On the bright side, my serving is improving and most of them went over.  I even got four in a row!  I think we lost both games last night but I still had fun.  We have a great team!

Dana and I slept like the dead when we got home after.  I don’t think I moved until my alarm went off this morning!  Today my body feels tired and a bit sore, but that was to be expected.

The WOD today is a nice little mix of clean and jerks, burpees, and thrusters.  I enjoy all those things in moderation, so will likely go after work.

We also need to pack for our trip and do some laundry!  This trip has been on the horizon for months, but it always felt so far away.  It seems like just yesterday we were at the beginning of July, with a long glorious summer ahead of us.  I can’t believe how quickly time flies by.  Althought I suppose when one crams as much as they can in to two months, time is bound to evaporate.  We’ll be out on the East Coast for about ten days for my cousin Dustin’s wedding, and have lots of exploring to do since we’ve never been before.  I’m excited!

Any recommendations for Halifax and PEI?


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