East Coast Vacation – Part 1

We got back late Saturday night from our PEI/Halifax trip.  Rather than do an enormous blog post, I’ll do a few posts this week about everything we saw, ate, and explored.  We were out east for my cousin Dustin’s wedding, so the whole week was full of family, socializing, and activity.

Day 1

As our flight left Calgary late on the 20th, we expected to sleep a few hours on the plane (the flight is only about four hours to Halifax).  Unfortunately, I think I maybe got one hour of decent sleep so I was SUPER tired the first day.

We dropped our luggage off at the Cambridge Hotel and then Dana, Dad, and I wandered down to the pier to explore.  Of course I wore my ridiculous marine kitty t-shirt.

From there, we headed to the Maritime Museum.  I must be a cruel, cruel person to suggest a museum day when everyone is jetlagged and exhausted.  The museum is pretty great – lots of information on the Halifax explosion, WWII, and the Titanic.


We ate lunch at an Irish pub just a block away from the museum.  After a stroll down the wharf to the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market, we walked back to the hotel and all had long, much-needed naps.

Dana and I went for dinner at a place called Edna and it was fabulous!  We had to wait about 45 minutes for a table, but we didn’t mind because that gave us time to explore the neighbourhood.

A little shop near Edna had lots of cute trinkets. I could have bought one of everything!

My handsome date!

A bouldering gym we walked by

We ended up meeting the rest of the family at another Irish pub after dinner called Durty Nellie’s.  It was very loud and busy in there, and after the tired first day of travel, we called it a night fairly early on.

Day 2

In typical Kaitlyn and Dana fashion, we headed off on a morning run first thing.  I love running in new places to explore!  We always see things we’d never see otherwise.

7.5 km run

7.5 km run

I’d highly recommend some version of this route, especially to the Point Pleasant Park.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  Dana’s favorite part was running through the dog park, but are we surprised by that?

We ended the run at the Pier 21 museum. We were both VERY sweaty as the humidity was extremely high!

Breakfast was had at the Seaport Farmers’ Market, then we walked back along the wharf.  After showering, we headed to lunch at  2 Doors Down which was definitely one of the best meals on our trip.  Dana had chowder and fish tacos, and I had a bun-less burger.  They have a separate fryer for gluten-free fries so that was a really awesome surprise!

We met the clan after lunch for the Alexander Keith’s brewery tour.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was fantastic!  Not much focus on the actual brewing of beer, but more emphasis on Alexander Keith and the history of the brewery.  It was very theatrical!  I highly recommend it!

Dinner was eaten at the Dartmouth location of the Wooden Monkey.   Everyone who flew out from Alberta for the wedding ferried across the harbour for Dailyn’s birthday dinner.  Our meals were very tasty!  The Wooden Monkey is incredibly accommodating about dietary restrictions and had many gluten-free, vegan, and other options on their menu.  I even had kombucha to drink!

Cousin Dailyn enjoys her birthday cake and everyone’s singing

After dinner, we all headed back to Halifax and ended the night at the Lower Deck pub.  It was a nice night to sit out on the patio and people watch.

To be continued!


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