East Coast Vacation – Part 3

More Maritime adventures…

Day 5

Dana and I woke up early, planning to fit in a run, but changed our minds when sleeping took priority.  We’d had a full day of driving around Nova Scotia the day before!  Instead, we went up for a walk around the Citadel.   Then we had a quick coffee and breakfast from Steve-o-Reno’s before packing to head to PEI for the remainder of the holiday.

We piled in the rental Ford Escape with my parents and drove up to the Hopewell Rocks.  After many foggy, grey days in Halifax, the sunshine in New Brunswick was a treat!


Flowerpot formation


Dana getting muddy!



IMG_0785   IMG_0792

We crossed over to Prince Edward Island using the Confederation Bridge, which was pretty neat.

Supper was at the Brickhouse in Charlottetown.  Although it was awesome they were able to squeeze 14 of us in on short notice, the service was pretty bad.  I did enjoy my chicken curry though!

From Charlottetown, we drove up to Montague, where Dustin’s fiancee, Katie, is from.  As we got in around 11:30 PM, I had no trouble sleeping that night!

To be continued!


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