3 UB Monday & 13.2 Tuesday

Back to some more regular Peanut Butter Kait posting!

Sunday was a full day of grocery, laundry, and getting back on track from our trip.  The jetlag (only three hours difference) didn’t bother me too much thankfully.  I spent the entire afternoon drafting my East Coast Vacation posts which are scheduled to post all this week.  I had a lot of pictures, so didn’t have any trouble creating six posts!

Haley came over for a visit around suppertime.  We had missed her so much!  After dinner, Dana and Hay attemped to play a new boardgame, Ticket to Ride, but were distracted by me watching the season premier of Fear the Walking Dead.  I’m not quite sure what I think of the show yet, but I’m sure it will improve as we learn more about the characters.

Monday was my first day back to work after vacation.  Despite having 70 emails to sort through, only a few urgently needed attention, so work was pretty low-key.

I was glad to be back at Sunalta!

I worked up to 115# for my cleans, and used the matador for my dips with a blue band.

For the metcon, I did my elevated feet pull-ups, and used the rig as an aid for the pistols.  I think I got through 4 rounds + 6?  Regardless, it felt good to move again after being on holidays.

My glutes immediately felt sore from the pistols.

We hustled home to make dinner – simply grilled salmon and cucumber and tomato salad – for Mal and Tom.  It was great to see those guys and catch up!  Plus, supper was extra tasty because those are two of my favorite recipes.

Tuesday was an up and down day.  There were good parts and sad, stressful parts.  I’ll maybe talk about the bad parts another time, but the good – as always – was crossfit.

I was feeling a bit feisty after the day’s events leading up to class, so while others decided to use less than 100%, I knew I could handle it.  I did my squats with 140#, which is officially a PR for me.  [Side note: my legs are SO SORE today as I write this post.]

The metcon was my jam!  Favorite thing Eric has programmed in months!  I got in 6 rounds + 9 and felt pretty damn proud of myself (*however some googling today has educated me that 6+9 is not actually a great 13.2 score haha*).   I did the workout RX and push-pressed as my shoulder-to-overhead (STOH).  The slowest part for me was the box jumps because I don’t do rebounding ones (yet).  Room for improvement in that area, but I was really happy with the push press and deadlift efficiencies.

As I was making supper after crossfit, our doorbell rang and it was our friend Scott dropping by.  He ate dinner with us – steak fajitas! – and then left when Dana headed out to beach volleyball.

Realizing that sometimes we have to take care of ourselves, I decided to stay home and drink some tea last night.  And relax.  I’ve been struggling with my sinuses since I got back from the East Coast, and I think I have a full-blown cold now because I can hardly breath.  Rest seemed like the best thing for me, so I’m glad I stayed home last night.

As for tonight, I’m looking forward to a quiet night with Dana after work.  It’s been a busy few days since we got home from vacation, and I’m looking forward to some quality couch time with my favorite guy.


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