East Coast Vacation – Part 4

Our adventures in PEI…

Day 6

Although Dana was up early for another round of golf, I slept in until 8:30.  I decided to head out for a run and do a little Montague sightseeing.

As usual, the humidity was killing me slowly.

My parents, Gloria, and Ron picked me up from the Juice Box cafe and we headed out on another road trip.  Destination: chowder shack and a lighthouse.  We ate at the Point Prim Chowder House and it was really great.  As is normal for the Island, the service was very slow, but hey – we’re on vacation!

   We did a guided tour of the Point Prim Lighthouse and went all the way up to the top level.  It was interesting!   It is PEI’s oldest lighthouse.
I was definitely ready for a nap after our little trip, so I crashed on the bed for twenty minutes, then got ready for Katie’s stagette in Charlottetown.  Mom and I drove in together, and went to see French Kiss with all the ladies.  It is very similar to the Jubilations dinner theatre here in Calgary, but the quality of the production was a million times better!  It was really entertaining!

I ate dinner with these two crazy ladies

I ate dinner with these two crazy ladies

From there, us girls headed to the Olde Dublin pub to meet up with the stag.  Unfortunately, I’d been “egged” somewhere along the way earlier in the day and my stomach felt awful (I’m not officially allergic to eggs, but they really make me sick).  When Mom suggested driving back to Montague, I was definitely ready to go!  Dana nominated to stay with the gents, but what man wants to leave a stag early?


To be continued!


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