East Coast Vacation – Part 6

And to wrap up my East Coast Vacation series, Day 8 (Dustin & Katie’s wedding!) and Day 9 (Charlottetown & flight home)…

Day 8

The wedding day!

After sleeping in, Dana and I attempted a run, but Dana was feeling pretty ill and it was hot. He went to get a smoothie and I ran 3 km along the Confederation Trail squeezing 100 push-ups in as I went.  We had wanted to rent bikes and bike the Trail, alas when we went to the address where the bike shop was supposed to be, the lady informed us it had been out of business for five years.  Anyways, my run was just okay – I don’t do very well in the heat.

When I got back, we got cleaned up and had lunch, then headed to the church for the wedding ceremony.


gorgeous bouquets

The reception was in Georgetown, a nearby village.  The reception was fun!  I danced and danced the night away.


this sign was taped to the bar – it seemed hilarious to me

We headed home with my parents around 12:30 and slept like the dead.

Day 9

Group breakfast was at the Lady’s Slipper Cafe, which was pretty old but hit the spot.  Dana and I then headed back to the hotel to pack and get ready to head to Charlottetown.  My aunt and uncle graciously gave us a lift to the airport, as we didn’t fly out until the evening but wanted to drop off our bags early.  I didn’t realize the airport was tiny!  The WestJet counter didn’t open until 4 PM, and there was no official baggage storage.  Luckily, we found a friendly lady at the PEI information desk, and she offered to keep our bags until we needed them.  Perhaps a little too trusting of us, but we headed off to Charlottetown regardless sans bags.

Dana wasn’t hungry, but I was ravenous.  We strolled the downtown core looking for a g-free pizza place for me, but there was none to be found.  We ended up eating at the Merchantman pub – it was nothing extraordinary but it sure tasted delicious!

Other than that, we strolled around a bit more and sat in a park for a while.  There really isn’t too much to see in Charlottetown, but it does have quite a good foodie scene for a town of 35,000!


 Around 5, Dana grabbed one last Cows ice cream and we headed back to the airport.  Our flight stopped in Toronto, then we carried on to Calgary.  Unfortunately, there was a screaming child with a blaring iPad seated behind us for the Toronto-Calgary flight which made relaxing/reading/napping difficult.  But we made it home without much other fuss.

All in all, it was a fun trip with lots of great family time!


One thought on “East Coast Vacation – Part 6

  1. Very cool kait. Now i must look at your other blogs. Great job and beautiful photos. Can you forward to me your photos when you have time in dropbox. I havent had a chance to look at all of mine yet. Uncle is golding all weekend in mens open so im finally painting our bedroom! Good bye 8 shades of white!! Sending you a huge hug. Love you. Auntie

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