Where did I go?

Well that was quite the lengthy unintended blog hiatus.  It’s been a strange two weeks since my last post.  I’ve been crossfitting up a storm, socializing a ton, and – most significantly – adjusting to a big change in my life.

In Calgary, the (low) price of oil has been a hard pill to swallow for many oil and gas companies, and subsequently there have been many recent layoffs as companies try to keep afloat in these challenging economic times.  Two weeks ago, Dana – as well as 400 other people from his company – was let go.  The company he worked for has really struggled to remain economically viable, which resulted in multiple rounds of major layoffs dropping from 2300 employees to perhaps 600-800 (?).  All along, Dana (as a geologist, especially) getting laid off has been a possibility.  But now, it’s our new reality.

To be honest, Dana’s layoff has been tremendously emotional for me.  Some days I’ve really struggled with it, and other days I do a better job of keeping my chin up.  I know it’s not the end of the world, but the unknown can be such a vast and terrifying thing.

Of course, I also got a bad cold two weeks ago so I was sad and pathetic because of that, too.

There have been some bright spots though!

I’ve had a few big-for-me PRs (personal records) recently:

  • Back squat – 185#
  • 1 km run – 4:54
  • 10 km run – 53:43

On Sunday, I ran the Calgary Corporate Challenge 10 km race with a few of my coworkers.  It was about 10 degrees and sprinkling, but I had a great run!  I decided to keep pace with one of my fastest coworkers for the first three kilometers, and that’s when I had my fastest kilometer ever!  Since I was off to such a fast start, I decided to slow down marginally but ran the entire thing, and even ran the last kilometer as fast as my first kilometer.  Running anything over five kilometers isn’t really fun for me, but I was really proud of myself for pushing my pace so hard yesterday.

Afterwards, I had brunch with friends, a hot, hot shower, and an hour nap.  Then couch time with Dana and a tasty roast chicken for supper.  I was extremely tired from the run!  I thought I would sleep soundly after, but I slept horribly that night.  On Monday, I felt like a zombie.

At Sunalta, we’ve been doing squat programs for what seems like the past six months.  I love squatting as much as the next crossfitter, but there have been A LOT of squats recently.  Coach Eric wrote a note on Monday’s WOD posting that we’re starting a new power cycle this week.  Which means, perhaps, less squats.  And more explosive power!  I’m intrigued.  Crossfitting has always been a positive thing I can do for mental and physical health, and I think in the weeks to come, it will continue to be my “church” where I find peace.

On Tuesday, our fall beach volleyball season started – it’s just short thankfully (it’s getting cold and dark here already in the evenings!).  Luckily, we’re scheduled for earlier game times.  I like beach volleyball much better when I’m not playing in the dark.  Or in the snow.  The three games per night may kill me though…

beach volleyball winter

To end on a positive note, one of the biggest blessings in recent weeks is new friendships.  I’ve gotten to know Meg better recently and she’s been such a ray of sunshine in my life!

Today, we’ve got seven minutes of burpees on the agenda at Sunalta.  I think Coach Eric is channeling his inner Dave Castro.  Wish me luck!  I’ll check in soon if I can type after!


4 thoughts on “Where did I go?

  1. Haha, this post just added a ray of sunshine to my day! 🙂 I am really enjoying spending time with you! Finally someone who will talk crossfit with me for unlimited hours!! See you on tonights burpee bus!

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