Fantastic Friday: It’s the small things

Right when Dana got laid off, I was a pretty emotional mess.  I just wanted an adultier adult (preferably one of our moms) to tell me that it was okay, and that we’d be fine, and other reassuring bits; however, the advice they both gave me was to be strong for Dana.  But it can be hard to be strong when I feel helpless.

A large part of why I feel so helpless about the layoff is that there is so much unknown, and for a girl who is always in control, not being able to control our lives right now is really frustrating.

With that said, I’m working REALLY HARD to find glimmers of optimism and positivity in my life, no matter how small or insignificant.

Things that have made me smile this week:


Not the lake in BC, but rather, my sister-in-law’s dog.  Mara is a beautiful blonde cockapoo who is super well-behaved and smart.  And loving.  We’re dogsitting her for three weeks while her “parents” are away, and she couldn’t have stayed with us at a better time.  Dana loves dogs (in general) but especially Mara, and she’s been really therapeutic for me when I’m feeling down.  She’s getting us both out for more walks and fresh air, and she always acts like we’re the best thing since sliced bread.  What’s not to love?  

77 burpees

That was my total yesterday for our seven minute AMRAP.  Due to my short stature – although burpees are certainly not easy for me – I consider them to be one of my CrossFit strengths.  To a certain extent, I think I actually like them?!?!


Becoming a Calgary library card holder

How did I not get the memo that:

(a) getting a library card is super easy (you can get one online!),

(b) borrowing items FOR FREE is amazing!

Although I used to be quite the bookworm, I think getting a degree and then my accounting designation got in the way of reading for fun.  Which leads me to…

Picking up “The Confabulist” by Steven Galloway

I love reading many different types of books, and browsing at a book store (or now the library!) takes me forever because I inevitably find 10,000 different books I’d like to read.   This book came home with me today because I love fiction.  Reading about the death of Houdini sounded intriguing to me.

“The F Word”

No Mom, not the swear word.  “The F Word” starring Daniel Radcliffe!  Dana and I saw this movie in theatres when we were in London last summer, and I loved it.  When I saw the DVD at the library today, I basically ran over to the shelf to grab it.

Treating myself to a Friday coffee

Lord knows I love a latte, but I’ve really tried to reign in my old habits to fit into my new budget.  $5 lattes add up real fast, kids.  But today, I splurged and grabbed a latte from The Beltliner (which serves Fratello coffee!) on the way back to work.  Awesome: the price – $3.14 for a latte?  WHAT?  Not awesome: didn’t quite have the Analog magical taste.  Maybe the milk was off?

latte meme choe

Rest days

Of course I love going to crossfit, running, and basically anything that leaves me a sweaty mess, but today I decided last minute at 5:23 AM that I would take a rest day instead of doing the 6 AM crossfit class.  Which means I can leave work a little earlier today, plus my body gets a break.  And I have a two-a-day coming up tomorrow because I signed up for…

Coach Em’s Oly Lifting Clinic

So after tomorrow AM’s usual Saturday class, in the afternoon I’ll learn more about efficient clean + jerks and snatches from Coach Emily Abbott.  Hoping to PR my clean + jerk, and get more confident with dreaded snatches.  Really excited for the clinic!  I was also really excited to hear this news last night:

Coach Em is on the 2015 CrossFit Invitational Canada Team

What an opportunity!  So proud of Coach Em!  I loved watching the CrossFit Invitational Update show and hearing what they had to say about her.  #bluecollargrit

Me time

As I’m sure many introverts will agree, occasionally we just need a little time by ourselves in order to function at our best.  Last night, Dana headed out for a guys’ poker night, and I had a lovely time at home just hanging out.  I walked Mara, ate a late supper (and maybe some popcorn too), and watched a bit of “Freaky Friday”, guilt-free.

Source BFF Linds and I joked up ordering this shirt in bulk because #introvertproblems

Source (not my Pinterest lol)
BFF Linds and I joked up ordering this shirt in bulk because #introvertproblems

New blog finds

I stumbled upon a great new-to-me blog this week and I love the writer’s style, humour, and approach to life/workouts/food.  She is traveling the globe, does powerlifting and strongwoman training, and eats all the things.  Major girl crush.

Dinner at Notable

We’ve got friends in town tonight from GP, and we’re going for dinner at Notable! What’s not to love? Notable’s rotisserie chicken is hands-down the best I’ve ever had.


Wow, writing this post was surprisingly therapeutic!  It may seem ridiculous, but before I started typing, I was feeling pretty so-so about this week.  Now I feel optimistic about the weekend to come.  Maybe this type of post will become a weekly series!

Enjoy the weekend, my friends!





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