Monday Catch Up

The weekend ran away from me!  When Dana and Mara dropped me off at work this morning at 6:30 in the dark, I almost couldn’t believe that the weekend was over.  We sure do keep ourselves busy!


For maybe the first time since Dana got laid off, I drove myself home from work.  Dana had spent the day golfing with a friend and his mom, so I got to take the car to work.  I must admit I like being chauffeured around though!

When I got home, Bryan and Jess, our friends from GP, were there chatting with Dana.  We visited for a while, then realized we were starving and headed out to Notable for supper.  Unfortunately we hit medium-bad rush hour on the way there, so didn’t get to the restaurant until a bit after 6 PM.  When all other people are also hungry.  Although it smelled delicious and we were all drooling, the thought of waiting an hour for a table was less appealing so we piled in the car again and drove to Market.

Market saved us four chairs at the bar, and we had a fantastic meal there!  Dana and I shared the blue cheese endive salad to start (of course I loved it).  For my main, I had the burger and it was fantastic!  Dana and Bryan both got the beef cheek and it, too, was phenomenal.  So tender!  We were all too stuffed for dessert, so called it a night and headed home.

We visited until close to midnight and then crashed hard!  Midnight on a work day always feels like 3 AM, I swear.


With crossfit on the brain, as always, I woke up intending to go to the 9:30 class.  Nutts was programmed:

… which made me a little less excited to go.  I debated it too long and missed the start of class, but was able to drop Dana off at his beach volleyball tournament instead.  When I got home, Mara needed a walk so we went for a half hour.  By then, it was 10:55 so there was no way I could make the 11:00 class.  And what an unknown blessing it was!

Because I’m obsessed with getting my sweat on, I decided to go for a run instead.  I headed out with the intention of doing 5-6 km, but I had cramps and my hamstring was sore, so I cut it short at 4 km and headed home.  After a quick lunch, I geared up for Coach Em’s oly lifting class at Sunalta.

What a great $45 spent!  I had written on my calendar that class was from 1:30-3, but we went until close to 4!  The first half of the class was spent on snatches, and then we did some clean and jerk drills in the second half.  My main take-aways:

  • Knees out, knees out, knees out
  • In overhead squats, let my wrists drop back and for goodness sake don’t use hook grip (seems obvious, but clearly I needed to be explicitly told)
  • Get comfortable being uncomfortable

Em is super passionate about the olympic lifts and she had a lot of great tips.  I couldn’t believe how tired I got practicing with relatively light weight (nor could I believe how sore my glutes were the next day!).  I’m eager to see her tips pay off in class in the weeks/months/years to come…

The only bad part about going until 4 was that I missed watching any of Dana and Haley’s four volleyball games in the tournament.  When I got home, Haley was just dropping Dana off so we had a bit of a visit.

Then Dana and I proceeded to eat ALL THE THINGS because we were both ravenous.  The highlights were the chicken “pizzas” and pasta.  We never get pasta!

After, we managed to crawl off the couch and walk Mara, then we watched “Homeward Bound” on Netflix and called it a night.  We were both so tired!


BFF Mal picked me up around 10 for coffee, like old times.  We went to our old stomping grounds, Analog, to grab caffeine, and then walked up into Lower Mount Royal and sat in a park for a few hours chatting.  It was splendid!  Beautiful weather, wonderful friend, and no where to be but there.

After soaking up the sun, Mal dropped me off at home and Dana got home from errands.  Dana and I wanted to go see the new movie, “Everest“, but there was no way we’d get to the movie theatre in time, so we opted to save our date for another day.  Instead we kept busy around the house until Haley called and asked if we’d meet for a walk at Nose Hill park.

Of course Mara was game for a walk, so we met Haley and her man friend in the late afternoon and walked for about two hours.  I had previously written Nose Hill off as a bald, ugly park, but it’s actually beautiful in its own way.  There were a ton of little hills to climb and the leavings changing colors made it very pretty.  Mara had the time of her life!

Luckily we’d food-prepped before we left the house, so when we got home, we had a delicious meal of Asian steak salad.  That recipe never gets old!  I love it!  Mara also got a bath because she decided to splash in a giant puddle while we were walking.  

After dinner, we watched part of “The F Word” and then “Fear the Walking Dead”.  That show is such a slow burner!

I slept like a baby last night after all that walking and fresh air!


Work has been pretty quiet this morning, but I’m really looking forward to the WOD after work.  I haven’t been to class since Thursday!  Last week wasn’t my best-ever crossfit attendance so my goal this week is four classes.  Another goal: eat less M&Ms.  Yeesh Kaitlyn!

Off to eat my lunch now – have a great Monday!


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