Fall-y-ball & Cleans

Cheesy title, I know.


Wouldn’t you know cleans would be programmed conveniently after my Oly Lifting workshop on Saturday?  My glutes were still sore!  None-the-less, I worked up to my current PR of 115#.  Somehow adding even 5# to that seems unmanageable, but I really felt like I learned a thing or two on the weekend.  Of course, since we’re doing power cleans, I have to bang the crap out of my collar bone and quads (form just goes out the window sometimes).  So those bruises…

The box jumps involved a step leading up to the box (to gain momentum) then you jump.  I didn’t really build height, but just hit 30″ every time.  Or as I told Coach Eric afterwards: “the men’s height” on the box.  He laughed and first said “what?”, then “now it’s Kaitlyn’s height”.

The WOD was my jam!  8:51 and a pile of sweat.  I love this kind of WOD!  I used 85# and was glad I did.  The pull-ups weren’t too bad with a red (SKINNY) band.  I’m almost free of that sucker!  The final round was just a bit slower as I had to do singles for the STOH (shoulder to overhead) since my push press technique wore me out.  When will I learn to jerk it properly?

Monday night seems like a long time ago.  What did we even get up to after?  I believe we ate some of Dana’s chili, walked Mara, and finished watching “The F Word.”  I really love that movie and Daniel Radcliffe.


I had a whirlwind Tuesday at work!  To start my day off, I had a nice coffee with BFF Linds (damn the allowance anyways), then there was a fire drill (27 flights of stairs later…), and then I was off to my three hour lunch meeting at the Petroleum Club (a highlight of my month; well, the free lunch anyways).  I squeezed in a bit of actual accounting, and then it was off to Sunalta!

Then there was this delight after work:

I texted Meg earlier in the day to ask if the WOD before volleyball was crazy, but we agreed we’d both meet at the 4 PM.  #drankallthekoolaid

I kept my clean+thruster (AKA cluster) light at 85# and focused on being aggressive and bringing the bar higher on my leg.  The damn quad bruises don’t lie – clearly I’m not getting the bar high enough in the pull.  Today I’m really sore from the ring work!

Thinking of Karen, I dreaded the WOD all day.  I’m short.  Wall balls aren’t short person friendly.  But it was better than I thought!  The double unders/skipping in the middle helped break the wall balls up.  I finished in 7:42 and it wasn’t even that bad.

After crossfit, Dana and I drove Meg home, then frantically walked Mara, washed dishes, prepped for Wednesday, and ate dinner.  Then we were out the door to beach volleyball!  It was a little warmer than last week thankfully.  We seemed to figure out a better line configuration this week, and won two of our three games!  This probably makes me a bad person, but I like volleyball much better when I’m winning.  Haha!


We got home a bit before nine and played with Mara a bit while getting ready for bed.  We’re sure going to miss that hound when she goes home.  She got tired of waiting for us to put her to bed and put herself to bed, but I found her this morning curled up in a little ball in her bed.  Such a good dog!


Dana tells me today is a rest day but oh boy do I want to go to class!  Deadlifts are programmed and this girl loves some deads.

Instead, we’re hoping to visit with Jenna and Bailey, and then go see the “Everest” movie!

Hope you are having a great week!  The weekend is in sight now!




One thought on “Fall-y-ball & Cleans

  1. Hahah! Love it! SO much koolaid! I also very much need to watch that movie now! “The F Word”, looks super entertaining! Also, I definitely love volleyball more when we are winning! #sadloser


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