Midweek Autumn WODs

Sorry for the absence of posts this week – in every spare moment of time I get, I’m reading “The Martian”. Dana finished the book a few weeks ago, and really wants to see the movie this weekend, so the pressure is on!


Good ol’ back squats. I worked to 150#, but felt sheepish after because my math skills weren’t very strong. I could have gone higher for sure!

The WOD was my jam! Did RX and got… 7 rounds? Now I can’t remember. But it was fun! Did my power cleans and burpees like a boss. And even wallballs aren’t that bad when there are only nine of them at a time.

When we got home, I had every good intention of going for a walk after, but Dana had a condo board meeting, and I decided to make chicken pizzas instead. Those pizzas are so, so delicious!! They are a bit time-consuming to make unfortunately… When Dana got home (finally), we crashed on the couch to watch “Fear the Walking Dead” (FTWD). Man, that show is such a slow-burner and frankly, a bit of a disappointment. I love “The Walking Dead”, but FTWD moves way too slowly.


I certainly checked the WOD, but somehow snatches and toes-to-bar didn’t sound awesome. Plus I was sore from Monday. Easy to skip that WOD!

Instead, Dana and I went for a nice fall walk after work, and then headed to beach volleyball. The weather was beautiful and I stayed warm almost until the end. We won our first game, but lost our second.

Eh, you win some, you lose some.

Coach Eric has been programming in my wheelhouse lately! This was another one I was pumped about:

I only worked up to 105# for my clean and jerk, but the movement pattern is feeling so much better after Coach Em’s workshop. Plus I don’t know if I’ve ever split jerked 105# before. I’m all about the muscle jerk when I get nervous. During the Open this year, I definitely muscle jerked 115# (my PR). But I’m working on it!

At 26 minutes long, that AMRAP looks horrendous. And it was – don’t get me wrong – but it was also kind of awesome. It’s all about pace. Meg and I aimed to get six rounds, but when I hit six and checked the clock, I still had nine minutes left, so of course I kept trucking! I ended up getting eight rounds and 19 reps into the ninth. So sweaty after! I did the kettlebell swings and box jumps RX, but of course the pull-ups had to be modified. I did four rounds with the barbell/feet-raised option (basically strict pull-ups hanging with feet elevated) – that’s 40 pull-ups! – and then the rest were ring rows. But the variety was good!

After class, Dana and I went for a slow walk to get some more steps in. The trees are absolutely gorgeous right now with their fall colors, and it was such a warm, beautiful evening. We were both completely exhausted from the WOD, but it was nice to get some fresh air.

Dana made steak fajitas for supper, but oddly I wasn’t very hungry so it took me FOREVER to eat my dinner. Dana and Mom chatted on the phone for a while, hammering out Christmas vacation plans (hint: hot holiday!), and then I visited with Mom after.

Then finally Dana and I got some couch time! It was short-lived because we were exhausted, and I’m confident I was completely out cold by 9:30 and didn’t move again until 5:20 this morning.

There’s another great WOD on the horizon. I’m pumped for after work! Tabatas… they get you every time.

We’ve got a busy weekend ahead. I’m on Team CF Sunalta for the Rep the Box event this weekend over at Currie Barracks. Looks like we’re got a stacked team and I’m sure it will be a blast!

If you are even considering signing up, stop considering and just DO IT.


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