#SavourTheCity – Market Calgary

You know when something seems too good to be true?  #SavourTheCity, as it turns out, was not too good to be true (although Dana and I had to pinch ourselves a few times last night).

We love Market Calgary, and somewhere along the way I signed up for their email newsletter.  Their most recent newsletter advertised a one-night-only partnership with Lincoln Motor Co. for an event called Savour the City.

The deal?

  1. Make a reservation at Market on October 6th.
  2. Test drive a Lincoln that night.
  3. Market feeds you a free three course meal with drinks included.

So Dana made us a reservation.  We pulled up to the restaurant in our car, and the valet took care of parking (on 17th Ave.  In rush hour.  Amazing).  We waited in line to fill out a few details on iPads, they checked our ID, and then we got to go for a test drive!

Dana test driving the MKX. He liked the “S” mode – it basically gives you a super charge boost. And he also liked the driver’s massage seat.

The test drive lasted approximately five minutes. Barely four city blocks. The MKX drove beautifully, was very quiet, and I loved the rear heated seats.  Dana wished he could take the MKX out on the Deerfoot and really gun it, but fortunately for the sales guy, we stayed downtown.

We filled out a short survey after, then got our pictures taken like celebrities.

Then it was time for dinner at Market!  We started with complimentary cocktails.  Dana tried the big ginger (I got to eat his candied ginger garnish) and I had the strawberry smash which was delightful.

My handsome date

And then we ordered our dinner.  Dana started with the parsnip gnocchi which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Strawberry smash!

Strawberry smash!

I had the beet salad and it was SO good.

Then we ordered a glass each of the malbec to pair with our mains.

Both of us ordered the shortrib and it was cooked perfectly!

Both of us ordered the shortrib and it was cooked perfectly!

The g-free dessert option was so flavorful and simple! Really nice ending to my great meal.

And how could Dana turn down the mint chocolate dessert option?  He didn’t say much as he polished it off.

We had a wonderful time at Market and could hardly believe our good fortune at being invited to such an awesome event.

Thanks Market Calgary and Lincoln!

PS. Rumour has it, Lincoln is running a similar test drive event tonight, but partnering with Teatro.  We joked about making a reservation, but that would be cheeky.  And we’re never cheeky.  🙂


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