WOD Wednesday on a Thursday

I’m unsure if anyone even reads my workout posts, but I like keeping a workout log for me personally so I’m going to keep writing ‘em. It’s a lot easier to keep track of gainz when you have it all written down!


After Saturday’s throwdown with Currie Barracks, and my heavy deadlift, my back was pretty tender. Not injured sore, but the muscles were certainly taking a while to recover.

Initially I was pumped about a squat day, but heavy back squats are not lower back-friendly. So I worked to 155# and called it a day.

The handstand push-ups (HSPU) went smoothly, and I even did a few with a 10# plate to give me a [tiny] deficit. Not to gloat, but seeing the coaches’ faces when I do HSPU makes me feel like $10 million. Or an athlete. Or something.

I have no idea how long the WOD took me, but I just focused on being constant and careful with my back. The push-ups on the way back up the ladder were laughable – I was doing two at a time and even that was a struggle. The HSPU really wore me out!


Since I had a haircut after work, and volleyball after that, I nominated to skip crossfit and go for an early morning treadmill run at home instead. Got pretty sweaty! I like doing intervals to help the time pass.

Oh, cardio. It’s embarrassing to admit on my crossfit-loving blog, but I really don’t mind the odd heart-pounding cardio session. Once in a blue moon, that is.

And we won both our beach volleyball games!  Yay team!  Great end to our short fall season.


First thoughts on Wednesday: well that doesn’t look too bad.


I worked up to 105# for my cleans. Coach Tim gave me crap for sandbaggin’. He probably has a point. For the pull-ups, I did them unassisted, and even did a few weighted pull-ups with 10#. Haha! Nothing feels sillier than a 10# weighted pull-up. So dainty!

The WOD was an unexpected gasser. I don’t know why I thought it wouldn’t be but… I got gassed pretty good, bad abdominal cramps, and my feet were cramping like crazy.

95# seemed a bit ambitious so I scaled to 85#, and I was so glad I did! Of course, my double unders were lacking… I did 10 then switched to 2x singles. I know, I know… I need to work on them or they’ll never get better.

I did the row at the beginning of the WOD, then spaced the rope climbs between rounds of the AMRAP. I got through three rounds, just barely. I finished my last lunge as the buzzer went. Then I was SUPER winded.

Dana spent the day hiking Mt. Fatty out in Kananaskis, but I was so glad he picked me up after. Walking anywhere after seemed impossible – I was so tired!

After a carb-filled supper, Dana and I spent an hour cleaning the house for my parents’ weekend visit. Since we’d both had pretty active days, we were more than ready for couch time after that!

That exercise, it wears a girl out!


Today’s WOD looks appealing to me: wall balls and burpees. Okay, the burpees appeal to me. Hopefully some of my body’s soreness dissipates by then.

Yesterday, Coach Eric posted the Battle in the Barracks WODs on the Battle Facebook page.

Event 1: Snatches

Event 2: Cleans

Event 3: Hell

Just kidding, there’s more to them than that. Since I’d paid my fees before the WODs were announced, I was extra nervous about what the WODs would be. Now I’m glad I did because having seen the WODs, I’m not sure if I would have signed up. I feel pretty good about the first two events, but OH BOY event three looks like hell to me.

Event 3

18 min time cap:

1 rope climb

15 clean & jerks (95# for ladies)

30 calorie row

45 wall balls

30 calorie row

15 clean & jerks

1 rope climb

… So I’ll be the one dead on the floor after that WOD. Rowing for calories is my nightmare; the other stuff I can deal with. Anyways, I reckon if I start practicing pacing my rows, it might not suck so much. So there’s that.

I’m not doing a very good job of selling the Battle. I’ve waited three years to sign up, and so I’m done complaining. Sign up! It will be fun!


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