Thanksgiving Weekendish

What a busy last few days!

On Thursday night, my folks flew in from GP for the weekend. I went to Sunalta after work, while Dana (ever the thoughtful dude that he is) picked them up and made us dinner.

I split-jerked 115#, which has been my PR forever. I mean, I’ve never jerked more than that. Period. Time to work on it though – I’m 100% certain it’s a mental thing. Finished wod in 5:43, RX. Those wall balls…

Dana made us tikka masala from Jamie Oliver’s cookbook, with copious amounts of rice and naan. Meg and Wade joined us for dinner and got to meet the ‘rents. Haley made us brownies for dessert, so we pretty much dined like royalty. A few bottles of wine were enjoyed too.

We played a few rounds of Anomia and by the end everyone was sufficiently worked up. Fun game, but it certainly makes you feel like you’re not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Friday, I decided to just work until noon. It was awesome! Dana and I did the noon o’clock class together.

It was a good one! I worked up to a 95# thruster. Can’t remember my scores for the WOD, but I really liked the format.

Mom and I shopped a bit at Chinook, then we headed home for another night of feasting with my aunt and uncle. Mom and Dana made amazing baby back ribs and potatoes, I made a ridiculous quantity of fried cabbage with bacon and pecans, and Haley fed us a baked cookie confection for dessert. More wine was enjoyed with dinner.

On Saturday, I had a wonderful sleep in until close to nine. Then we all got cleaned up and drove out to Sundre to visit my mom’s side for Thanksgiving. The weather was absolutely gorgeous! We had a nice wiener roast outside and got sufficiently smoky. I also jumped in the leaf pile my little cousins had made. I think that was a first for me, crazy enough. We visited until mid-afternoon, then hopped in the car and drove back to Cochrane to visit Dana’s family.

Dana’s mom put on the whole spread – turkey, spuds, veg, etc. We contributed curried cauliflower, which is one of Dana’s faves. It was really great for my parents to finally meet my niece Bailey, and nephew Kade. Kade turns one this week – I can’t believe it! They’re both incredibly cute. Proud auntie right here. We had a nice time visiting after supper, then I drove us home in the dark. Mom, Haley, and Dana played a few rounds of Ticket to Ride while I read Mom’s new book about Panama, figuring out where we should go at Christmas.

By Sunday, we were all ready for a break from socializing. Mom and I headed out for a long walk around the neighbourhood and nearly got blown away in the gusty autumn winds. After getting cleaned up, we went to Chinook again and did a more thorough shop. Mom bought a beautiful purse from Fossil, but my wallet stayed shut. I don’t want all those moths to fly out!

wallet moth

For dinner, we went out to Without Papers in Inglewood. It was pretty quiet in there, which was nice. They had a few great movies projected on the walls – Fantastic Mr. Fox and Corpse Bride.

Haley and I shared a g-free margherita pizza and it was so, so good. Many restaurants in Calgary use the exact same g-free crust from Care Bakery, including Without Papers, but some places bake it better than others. I love Without Papers’ version! After dinner, the whole fam played Ticket to Ride.

Monday, Haley drove Mom and Dad to the airport while Dana and I went to the 11 AM crossfit class. It was a doozy!

My heaviest clean and jerk was 105#. I have the bruises to prove it. For the pull-ups, I used a red band to work on form.

The WOD was the rough part though. I got thoroughly winded! The pull-ups definitely slow me down. Coach Em noticed and offered to help me with my kip after class. I also stubbornly used 95# for the cleans and jerks, but for some reason, the moment I have to jerk anything heavier than 85#, I muscle-jerk. It’s harder and probably bad for my shoulders. I really need to clean that up before Battle in the Barracks!

After crossfit, I went out for a walk while Dana went to help our friends with their kitchen reno. Then I did some laundry and read for a bit. I’ve been reading “Beyond Belief” and it’s exactly that! It’s a biography by a woman who was raised as a Scientologist, and the whole premise of the religion and her upbringing are insane. I’m finding it really interesting, but also a bit disturbing.

When Dana got home from helping, we went to vote in the advance polls together, and then ate supper and watched The Walking Dead. Love that show! Looks like it will be an intense season, as always.

On Tuesday of course I was back to work. Same old, same old. #breadwinner

Crossfitted after work with Dana and Megan!

My 5 RM back squat was 145#. Definitely lost a bit of strength since we were doing all the squat programming. And I underestimated the WOD – it gassed me so hard! Especially rowing for calories. I got 17 in a minute, which makes me feel a bit better about the Battle in the Barracks event 3. Total score for the WOD was 131. Scaled the snatch to 55# like a weenie.

Dana and I walked a bit when we got home, then ate dinner and watched some TV. New season of Dragons’ Den. I love that show! It’s Canadian TV at its prime.

And now we’re on to Wednesday… I’ll let you know how it goes!


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