HSPU Wednesday

Wednesday was exhausting!  Three days in a row of crossfit always thoroughly wears me out.


Even though my quads were pretty sore from heavy back squats on Tuesday, off I went to class after work.

Remembering how tight my back was after Rep the Box, I decided to approach the deadlifts with a bit less ego.  I worked up to 165# and focused on form.  The bottoms up kettlebell press was a new movement for me.  They’re a bit tricky because you have to balance the kettlebell, lest it slip and bonk you on the head.  As such, 18# was good enough for me!

Coach Jane was teaching yesterday.  She’s very helpful with technique and posture, probably from her prior gymnastics coaching.  She also always asks about how long we think the WOD should take so we can pick weights accordingly.  For me, and I’m sure a ton of other people, scaling can be a willy-nilly decision.

Jane suggested that this WOD would take about five minutes for an elite athlete, like Coach Emily or Rich Froning.  She set ten minutes as the time cap.  She said we should pick the weights that would allow us to finish easily in five to ten minutes.  For instance, she suggested picking a weight that would allow us to do the thrusters in two sets of 15.

The handstand push-ups (HSPU) went well. I did them strict.  Despite Jane’s good wisdom, I still put 65# on the bar for thrusters.  I didn’t expect my shoulders to be so tired from the HSPU!  Which meant I probably broke 30 reps into seven sets.  Whoops. The sit-ups and walking lunges were unbroken.  Finished in 7:25, RX.

After class, Meg and Wade gave me a lift home as Dana was headed to training for working the election next week.

I went for a very brisk walk after.  I’ve been trying to get out walking more as I realized my steps are incredibly low on most days.  Humans are built for walking and if I didn’t make an effort to walk, the most steps I would get is maybe 2,000 a day?  That’s a far stretch from the recommended 10,000.  Also, I find the fresh air and sunshine incredibly therapeutic after a day at work.

Supper was bacon-wrapped chicken breast, leftover spuds, and fried cabbage.  I binge-read more “Beyond Belief”.  Her story is incredible, although Scientology is alarming.  I highly recommend the book!

Dana’s training went a bit late, so I stayed up until 9:30 when he got home.  He had a quick bite to eat, then we headed to bed.  I slept like a baby after all the exercise the past few days!

Today is a glorious rest day, and instead of working out, we’re going to see a comedy show tonight with friends.  Looking forward to some big laughs!


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