1st Birthday Party Weekend

Well, Thursday’s comedy night was fun. The comedians were a bit crude for my taste, but enjoyed spending time with friends regardless. Also, I think we drank the world’s worst red wine while we were at The Laugh Shop. Am I getting old now that I can distinguish between good and bad wine? It all used to be good, I think.


Friday night we went to crossfit after work. The class was packed at 4 PM! (Not so much at 5 when it was a one-on-one with Coach Eric. That poor girl!)

I loved those front squats – got up to 105# and it felt good. The ring rows reminded me of training at 2110 Fitness. Coach Derek liked to program ring rows back in the day.

The tabata was hilarious. Those 20 second intervals catch up! I started on squats and ended on rows. Poor move perhaps. In lieu of pull-ups, I did ring rows because it’s impossible to get in and out of bands (for pull-ups) in 20 seconds. By the time I got to push-ups, my arms felt like rubber. Gravity was strong! I think I got 336 or so total reps. Felt proud until I saw 400s on the board. Yeesh!

After crossfit, Dana and I got cleaned up and ate supper, then headed to Meg and Wade’s for a volleyball wrap-up party. It was a very fun, loud night with lots of laughs. We played anomia, beer pong, and ate lots of snacks. It was a blast!

I basically had to drag Dana out after midnight… he loves beer pong.

beer pong

On Saturday, we slept in until 9:30 until our front doorbell woke us up. Of course no one was there when Dana answered it, but it helped us get out of bed. We had a pretty lazy, quiet morning because we were waiting until Sunalta’s one year birthday party to work out.

It was a good one! In teams of four, we worked up to a group max. for thrusters (I got 105#, which is a PR I think). Then there was a sweaty 20:14 AMRAP that involved many things, including carrying a 95# bar while running 400m laps and synchro pull-ups. We may not have won the WOD, but we won the team trivia! Yay us!

Then Dana and I had to race out the door after to clean up and get out to Chestermere for Kade’s one year birthday party! We were pretty late, but still caught the pizza eating, birthday cake, and present opening. I felt like I’d left my baby at home, because I was one of the few childless women there. Oh well! Good ol’ five year plan.

no kids

We were pretty wore out after the two birthday parties, but Dana had late hockey so I stayed home to watch a movie. “Two Night Stand” is on Netflix, and it was actually pretty funny! I liked it and had a few laughs.

Sunday was another active day. Meg and I met in the morning for open gym at Sunalta. I’d never been to open gym before! We did a very long warm-up, then events 1 and 2 for the Battle in the Barracks as a benchmark.

Event 1 wasn’t too awful. Other than I don’t like snatching… I got to 75# for my hang snatch. Then I did 20 front squats with 85# on the bar, for a total score of 1700. It’s a bit of a game because your score is reps times weight, so you want to ensure you’re getting as many reps as possible for the whole minute. I rested a second or two, but didn’t set the bar down.

Event 2 was a bit harder, but still manageable. I’m not 100% on my score, but I got in the neighbourhood of 24 rounds, plus or minus a point or two. I made the mistake of counting rounds, when I should have counted reps. The burpee box jump part takes about 30 seconds, which doesn’t leave much time for picking up the bar for cleans and lunges. I liked the WOD though!

We’ll likely try event 3 this upcoming weekend. Gulp. I expect it to be thoroughly humbling.

After the gym, I headed home to help Dana with chores, but he was on the way out the door for a family friend’s baby shower. I stayed home and got showered, did laundry, and went on a big 8,000 step walk with BFF Mal. It was lovely out! When Mal went home, Dana and I had a cook-athon and made four pounds of meat into chili, and a huge pot of jambalaya. Success! Then we ate dinner and watched Walking Dead. It was a great end to a busy weekend.

And Monday was meant to be a rest day, but since I’m horrible at rest days, Meg came over and we did some “active recovery”. We went over to the playground near my place and did ladder drills to get our heart rates up, then pyramid-style sprints. We had a lot of fun though and I almost didn’t notice I was doing cardio.

Source - *not my Pinterest

Source – *not my Pinterest

After that, I rolled out with the foam roller, ate dinner, and watched “Titanic” because I was feeling nostalgic.

titanic crossfit

Dana had a big day of working the election, so he didn’t get home until close to 9. Busy Monday for him!

Now we’re on to Tuesday and I’ll let you know how it goes. Snatches tonight!


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