Humble Pie

This is a story of an ambitious, albeit foolish, young woman and how she came to enjoy not one but two slices of humble pie.

I “enjoyed” the first slice on Friday.

In the world of crossfit, the “gold star”, for a lot of athletes, is to do the workout RX (as written on the board, with no modifications). The thing about RX is that it’s not the be-all to end-all. A wiser athlete will appropriately scale a workout in order to finish in decent time and safely, not do it RX and finish last and miserable.

On Friday, the workout on the board was “Annie”, an infamous CrossFit benchmark workout.



Double unders


Now, lord knows, I’m not the most skilled at double unders (skipping, when the rope moves twice beneath your feet each jump). Only very recently, I’ve started stringing, like, seven together at once. And I was proud of that. I got greedy.

Source - not my Pinterest

Source – not my Pinterest

Coach Eric set a time cap of ten minutes. I reasoned that I could zip through the sit-ups, and limp through the double unders (seven reps at a time if I was lucky), and finish under the time cap.

I was just finishing my 10’s of double unders when the ten minute buzzer went, and I finished the sit-ups as quickly as I could after, so 10:25 approx? I’m actually quite pleased with myself for doing all double unders, as I’ve definitely never done or strung so many together before at once.  So I did the WOD RX, but at the cost of not finishing within the time cap.

Moral: although Annie was good practice for my double unders, it would have been better to set pride aside and do the scaled version. My prize for doing Annie was unbelievable monkey butt – the worst I’ve ever had. Ouch.

The second piece of humble pie was savoured on Sunday at open gym.

I’ve had a bit of cold the past week and I’m pretty stuffed up. That would be a good indicator to avoid a cardio-heavy WOD, right? One where oxygen is key? Plus my diet lately has been crap, so what kind of results can you expect when you put cheap gas in the tank?

With Megs MIA on vacation (the nerve!), I decided to conquer Event 3 of the Battle on my lonesome because I wanted to test it out.

Event 3

1 rope climb

15 clean & jerks @ 95lbs

30 calorie row

45 wall balls @ 14lbs

30 calorie row

15 clean & jerks @ 95lbs

1 rope climb

For my warm up, I did a 10 minute EMOM, with two clean and jerks (C&J) on the even minutes and kip swings on the odds. It got my heart rate up adequately. The C&J felt heavy at 105 lbs. I dreaded the WOD to come.

I did a few reps of each movement to get comfortable. I set up my stop watch and nervously procrastinated for a few minutes. Eventually I had to face the music and start the clock.

procrastinate yoda

The first rope climb was fine. I hit the ground and headed over to my barbell. My cleans started okay, but got rough pretty quickly (I have the bruises today to prove it). The jerks were okay though.

On to the rower, I quickly discovered getting enough oxygen was an issue and my heart was pounding out of my chest. I told myself to get to 10 calories then I could take a drink of water. 10 more calories and a drink of water. Then the last 10 calories and another drink. I couldn’t row two and a half minutes straight with multiple drink breaks because I went too hard. Kaitlyn!!!

Source - not my Pinterest

Source – not my Pinterest

Oddly enough, the wall balls don’t even register in my brain as being the worst part. I was clearly out of wind, and had to do five at a time at the end, but I got through them with relative ease.

I did the same ridiculous 10 calorie row – drink – 10 calorie – drink – 10 calorie scheme on the way down the ladder.

Someone asked me later if my planned approach was intervals?! No sir, I just clearly don’t know how to pace myself on the rower. Thanks.

My C&J got ugly but I pushed through. They took a minute longer to complete going down the ladder because I felt so awful at this point. When I had three reps left, I loathed myself for ever signing up for the Battle. Finally, I ran over to the rope.

I scaled the rope a final time. I only slightly worried I might fall to my death once or twice. With relief, I slid back down to the bottom and hit the stopwatch. 16:17.

Under the time cap, but so winded that I can only compare it to the Open WOD 15.5’s agony. I had to lay on the floor for a few minutes until my breath came back.

Moral: I need to learn how to pace myself properly. Clearly, with all my rowing breaks, if I’d just gone a bit slower and kept my heart rate lower, I could have easily done 30 calories in under two and half minutes while still breathing normally.

Other notes:

Yikes, here’s hoping I get rowing figured out by December 5th!

rowing no fun


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