Wall Balls, Snatches, and Grace – oh my!

Grace, we meet again.

My touch-n-go (tng) clean and jerks weren’t pretty, but I worked up to 105#. My collarbone was still a bit bruised up from Sunday’s cleans unfortunately, which made the movement a bit tender. My strict pull-ups were a combination of red band and no band pull-ups. Getting a bit stronger there!

I was a tad nervous about Grace. Back in July, I did Grace with 85# on the bar in 4:02. With a bit of Googling yesterday, I read that Grace should take between 4 and 7 minutes for us average Joes, so going a bit heavy is okay. I knew 95# (RX) was within my grasp, and Coach Em confirmed my suspicions during class when she said if any of us were wavering on going RX, we should. Otherwise, a sub-five minute Grace was a good goal.


There was no touch-n-go for me happening (I dropped each one from the top), but I used 95# and pushed through. Finished in 5:13. I feel like if my shoulders weren’t so tired from Sunday and Monday’s workout, a sub-five minute Grace was totally possible. Next time!

Monday’s WOD was a mixture of things that I’m not overly skilled at (yet): snatches, toes-to-bar, and wall balls. Plus I’d done a boat load of wall balls on Sunday.

I shared a bar with Janne and worked up to 75#, but the most I could squat snatch was 65#. 75# was a muscle-snatch for sure. Argh, more work needed there.


The WOD was a humourous little mix of frantic kipping leg raises and wall balls. I felt tired from Sunday and it was a struggle. I think I got 75 reps, which seems ridiculous now. Too tired for back-to-back wall balls.

This week, instead of being at work by 6:30 AM, I’ve been sleeping in until 6 and it’s been glorious. Of course, that means I’ve been missing my usual 4 PM class, but the 5 PM class is very friendly and I’m appreciating the extra bit of sleep in the morning. Of course, I’ll get back to my 4 PM routine soon. It’s been so dark here lately in Calgary in the evenings and I’m a bit sad that summer’s long days are over. Of course, I love certain elements of winter too, so it isn’t a complete tragedy.

Today Fran (heavy if you want) is programmed at Sunalta. You can bet I’m taking a rest day today! Cherry-picking aside, somehow I’ve avoided Fran for a year while working out at Sunalta. How is that possible? Okay, okay, I vow next time it is programmed to attend class and do my first Fran. Now I’m accountable.

For non-CrossFitters, Fran is:


Thusters (65#/95#)


It looks short and innocent. It isn’t.

With Austerity 2015 (as Dana and I have christened his layoff), I’ve been feeling like I need to bring home a bit more bacon if I want to do “extra” activities. For instance, my competition fees for the Battle in the Barracks. I’ve decided to part ways with some of my Lululemon that’s in decent shape. I’m meeting a girl at lunch today to sell a few Lulu shirts, and I’m feeling proud of finding a way to make some extra dough. Size 6 Lulu girls, I’ve got some tops for sale!


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