CrossFit Girl: Diane

And then I met Diane.

Yesterday’s WOD was Diane, and I was excited all day to do another CrossFit “Girl” benchmark workout. Deadlifts and handstand push-ups? That’s my jam!

The WOD on the Sunalta site had a typo unfortunately – ladies’ RX is actually 155#. I did some Googling and the internets said that the deadlifts should be around 70% of your 1 RM. For me, that’s about 135#.

For the EMOM, I warmed up to 185#, so going back to 135# for the WOD felt easy-peasy.

First set I did 11, then eight reps, then two of deadlifts. My handstand push-ups are strict, as I haven’t quite mastered the kip yet. #storyofmylife Handstand push-ups went okay, but I was breaking them up into small sets pretty quickly.

The 15 deadlifts went by with relative ease and it felt good to stretch my shoulders out, then get back in to handstand push-ups. Sets of three, then two, then singles to finish.

The last set of deadlifts was no big deal, but I had to do the last nine handstand push-ups in singles. My arms were trembling and it was serious effort to finish them. I finished in 9:24. Diane was way harder than she looked!

I rowed for a few minutes after class, just trying to get my heartrate down a bit and flush out my legs and shoulders. I knocked the damper down to four (lower than my usual six) and did 500 m in about 2:25. Out of curiosity, I changed the units to see how many calories I burned – 30 on the nose. Which makes Sunday’s Event 3 practice seem even more ridiculous, as I was pulling with all my strength (which totally winded me) and I didn’t finish much faster than that. Lesson learned, Kait.

My back was pretty tight this morning from the deads, but I wanted to get some sweat in first thing. I did a quick 5 km run on the dreadmill this morning while watching The Aristocats on Netflix.

I love those old Disney movies! I used a running workout I found on Julie’s Peanut Butter Fingers blog.  The time just flew by and I got very sweaty. Dana slept right through the loud treadmill noises, lucky guy.

We have a fun weekend ahead. Dinner tonight with my in-laws, and Haley is coming too with the baby she nannies. It will be a full house and lots of fun! Chef Dana is preparing (gluten-free) lasagna, which I haven’t had in SO long.  Then tomorrow night is double date night dinner out with Meg and Wade. No wild clubbing for us on Halloween! Yay!

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