Fight Gone Bad & Battle Practice

Friday night was a busy one with Dana’s family coming over for dinner after work. Luckily, Dana is THE MAN and had the house sparkling and dinner ready when I got home from work, so it was actually a really relaxing, fun evening. Dana’s lasagna was so amazing! I haven’t had lasagna in months and I didn’t realize how much I had missed it. Mmm all the carbs!


Saturday morning we went to the gym, but first we dressed up because it was Halloween! Apparently very few other people got the memo because we were a minority. We got some good laughs though. My costume did not help with Fight Gone Bad unfortunately. That skirt got in the way!


I had read that pacing and consistency were key with Fight Gone Bad, so I really tried to do the same number of reps for each exercise.

First and second rounds I got 85 and 83 reps, but then I struggled in the third round with wall balls (my last exercise) and ended with 75 reps. So 243 total, RX. Next time I want to be stronger on wall balls and rowing. The push press and SDHP were definitely my strengths in this workout.

After the gym, Dana and I had a lovely afternoon of relaxing at home and a ridiculously awesome long nap. Fight Gone Bad took a lot out of both of us, and we slept like the dead. Haley came over later in the afternoon and we played a game of Trains while visiting and eating popcorn.

Then it was double date time with Meg and Wade! We had a really nice time chatting and eating delicious things at Farm on 17th, then headed back to their place for more visiting. We used Uber to get from Farm to their place, and then home after, and it was the coolest experience! Honestly, Dana opened the app, requested an Uber, and within minutes we were getting in a car. It’s so smooth! Nothing like taking a cab in Calgary, thank goodness.

The extra hour of sleep due to daylight savings on Sunday morning was great! Meg and I met at Sunalta at 10 for open gym.

I practiced a spin on event 1 with hang snatches at 65#, then did a few rounds of the front squats. I did 26 reps at 65# (1690 points), then 25 at 65# (1625 points). Playing around with the math a bit; next time I practice I want to see how 26 reps at 75# (1950) and 23 reps at 85# (1955) feel. My goal is to get over 1900 points.

Meg did event three for practice, and I did a spinoff of event three since I didn’t really want to do it (ever) again.

5 rounds for time (with 2 rope climbs sprinkled in):

6 clean & jerks (75#)

9 wall balls (14#)

12 calorie row

Took me around 15:30 to finish, which is similar to last weekend’s event 3 practice. I took the rowing a lot easier and it helped keep my heart rate manageable. Then I cheered on Meg!

Sunday afternoon was spent food prepping and hanging out with Dana. For dinner, we had roasted chicken thighs (world’s simplest recipe) with potatoes and MAN they were good. Skin-on chicken thighs are the bomb! Dessert was watching The Walking Dead. Another week goes by of wondering about Glenn… Yeesh!

Now on to Monday – pretty stressful day at work plus many workouts in a row = a rest day. I’m hoping to get out for some fresh air after work just to relax. Happy November!


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