Chicken & Wins

Today’s post is pretty random but my brain seems to be all over the place.  So I’m going to share some chicken ideas and tell you about some workouts recently.  There’s something in my post for everyone.

Chicken Ideas

Baked chicken breast

Yesterday Google taught me that baked chicken breasts don’t have to be dry or tough.  Thanks Google (and The Kitchn)!

  • Heat oven to 400*.
  • Mix “marinade” for 3 chicken breasts.
    • 2 TB olive oil
    • Juice of ½ lemon
    • 1 TB chopped herbs (I used rosemary)
    • S&P to taste
  • Cover chicken in marinade then place breasts in pan with extra marinade.
    • I used a 9”X9” pan so they were snug.
  • The important part: parchment paper.  Place a large enough piece of parchment paper on top of chicken breasts to cover, and then tuck under outside of pieces.  Press parchment paper down on chicken (it will act like chicken skin this way).
  • Put pan in oven and cook until baked through.  25 minutes was about perfect for me.
  • Ta-da!

One Pan Chicken

Carrying on the chicken theme, I also found a killer chicken thigh recipe!  And it even makes Brussels sprouts taste good!

So many interesting flavours: fennel, paprika, nutmeg, sage, apple cider vinegar, balsamic vinegar… This recipe is on my weekly rotation now!

Plus it only dirties one pan so that’s a win in everyone’s books.  Right Dana?

Personal Victories

Somewhat by mistake, I did a 235# deadlift on Friday.  Although my previous 1 rep max (RM) was 210#, after I did three touch-n-go reps at 210# at Rep the Box last month, I knew I could re-test my 1 RM.  I was aiming for 225# on Friday but on account of bad math, I got a bonus 10#.  And that’s what I call good accounting.

math in the gym

On Saturday at Rep the Box, I did the 3 RM back squat event.  My hips were feeling good.  I kept adding (we had 20 minutes to test)  and I ended at 175#, which is only 10# off my max. back squat.  Which probably means I could re-test that one too at some point.  I’m coming for you 200#!

Why do I look so concerned?

Climbed a freakin’ 21 foot rope at Rep the Box.  That’s all the way to the rafters!  Never mind that I was scared shitless, I did it!  (Of course I was trying to talk myself out of it even as my hand was tapping the rafter.)  Then the boys made me look bad by climbing it leg-less.  As if it wasn’t hard enough!



  • A blogger I’ve followed forever quit blogging this week.  Healthy Tipping Point is no more!  And it makes me sad, because her blog was so approachable and I liked reading about her triathlon training, kid-raising, and everything else.  But of course I understand her need for more privacy, and the fact that sometimes in life, you’re just out of words.  Add her to the list that also includes my old beloved Young House Love.  RIP.
  • I have a huge crush on this blog and really enjoy their discussions of healthy eating and CrossFit.
  • Excited to see the new James Bond movie!  We re-watched Skyfall a few weeks ago and it is my fave Bond film, but I’m willing to see if the new one makes the cut.



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