Panama & 2016 Goals

Hey it’s me again. Long time, no chat.  It seemed that after the Battle wrapped up, the rest of December fairly flew by and then we were up to GP for Christmas, then south to Panama for a family holiday with my parents and Haley.

Christmas in GP felt like a bit of a rip-off because we flew up on the 23rd, then to Panama on Boxing Day.  That’s not much time to see family and friends, let alone do the simple things like go for long walks with my old dog Choe.  Hopefully we can go home for a visit again sometime soon!

Panama was such a great much-needed break for Dana and I. With the ongoing stress of the economy and Dana’s layoff, we both needed to escape our life in Calgary and just relax.  We stayed in a beautiful condo just outside of Panama City that had its own little clubhouse with a pool which is where we basically lived for ten days.  The days were brilliantly warm, around 30-35 degrees, and we kept busy reading by the pool, going for swims, paddle-boarding, and walking on the beach.

On two days, we did excursions across from the Pacific side (where our condo was) to the Caribbean side. One day, we visited the Panama Canal to watch a ship go through a lock, and spent a bit of time on the beach.  The second day, we zip-lined (Mom’s fave gringo thing to do) and ended the day at a little beach for swimming and snorkeling.

We had a few really great meals in Panama City – we ate twice at a restaurant called Las Clementinas and Dana and I had a date night at Manolo Caracol. Manolo is a really cool concept – the majority of the restaurant’s ingredients are sourced locally from its five farms, and the menu is a 7-10 course tasting menu.  Basically, you sit and they start bringing you course after course of delicious food!  I really liked the little octopus they served us, and I don’t even like octopus usually.  (Although if you put peanut sauce on anything, I’m about 110% guaranteed to love it.)  We also really enjoyed our meal at Dodo in the French quarter of Casco Viejo.

All in all, I was definitely not ready for the vacation to come to an end, and tried as hard as possible to soak up all the sunshine before we left. I haven’t been that relaxed and carefree in a long time.

Here are some of the photos I took of our time in Panama City – if I remember, I’ll upload some of Haley and Dana’s as I think they took photos of the other things we saw and did!  In no particular order…



But it wasn’t entirely sad coming home, because of course we missed Penny! We were extremely lucky to leave her with a good friend while we were gone, so she had lots of fun and attention in our absence, but we really missed her.

Since coming back to Calgary, work has been extremely busy and the days have flown by. We’ve been back to crossfit as usual and are happy to see all our friends again.

We’re off to Invermere this weekend for a friends weekend, and are looking forward to lots of laughter, cross-country skiing, fresh mountain air, and good eats.  Always good to have another holiday to look forward to!

With the new year already well on its way, I have a few goals to share with you guys. Because once a goal is shared, I figure I’m a bit more accountable.

2016 goals:

  1. 250# deadlift
  2. 200# back squat
  3. 175# front squat
  4. Kipping pull-ups
  5. Bodyweight clean and jerk (130#)

Naturally, I signed up for the Open a few days ago so am really excited for the workouts in February!

Hoping to get back to a more frequent posting schedule. Prod me if I’m slacking again!