Rummel Lake Winter Hike

Our active weekend continued with a hike out in Kananaskis with Meg and Wade on Valentine’s Day.  With Penny in tow, we left Calgary around 9 AM and headed out to the mountains.  We weren’t too sure what the snow would be like, as it’s been very warm in Calgary the past few weeks with lots of melting.  Of course, the mountains can be very different from Calgary despite their proximity!

We were really hoping to do a winter hike, not a snowshoe, as Meg and Wade don’t own any and we didn’t want to bother with rentals if the snow was going to be horrible.  As we were nearing the mountains, it was pretty brown in the countryside.  But as we got deeper in to the mountains and nearer to our hike, there was quite a bit of snow in the ditches.

It was about zero degrees out, but quite windy, down at the road where we parked.  Rummel Lake is a designated winter camping location, but it doesn’t have a big official parking lot marking the trailhead.  We all got bundled up and started up the immediate slope.  Just like Chester Lake, it’s quite a lung burner to get up to the lake.  Within minutes we were all stopping to peel off layers, as in the protection of the forest, it was quite warm.

Unlike Chester, there aren’t so many crowds and for the first hour at least, it seemed we were all alone on the mountain.  As we got closer to the lake, we started running in to more snowshoers, but truthfully, it was very peaceful and quiet.  The path was nicely broken in by past snowshoers, and we were fine with just hiking boots on.  The round trip took us about three hours, but we didn’t stop long for lunch at the top because the wind was bitterly freezing.

Dana’s smart watch tells me the hike was just over 9 kms and shy of 400 m elevation.  That elevation gain will get you every time!


After our hike, we drove across the road to the Engadine Lodge for afternoon tea.  By tea, I mean beers for the team and a coffee for me.  Dana sampled the apple strudel and I had the cheese and charcuterie board.  All the things were very tasty!  We were still pretty hungry though so we got in the car and headed to Canmore.

Of course, everyone loves The Grizzly Paw so there was a 45 minute wait, but we checked out a few shops and before we knew it, there was a table ready.  We all had burgers and beers and it hit the spot!  There wasn’t a single fry left after.

Back we headed to Calgary, laughing all the way and pretty tuckered out.  It was a wonderful outing in the mountains with two of our best friends.  Can’t wait to get out to the mountains again!



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