Yay Short Weeks!

Yesterday felt like the world’s longest day ever at work.  Sometimes, in the accounting world, certain parts of the month just seem to drag.  Today may be another one of those days, but Thursday and Friday should pick up a bit thankfully.

CrossFit Sunalta got some pretty great news on Monday night: Coach Emily Abbott is going to be competing at the CrossFit Games Open 16.1 announcement in California next week.  Yay Coach Em!  All her hard work is paying off big time.

As for the rest of us regular Joes, here’s what was on the Tuesday agenda:

Feb 16

With a bit of steam to burn off from the day, I worked up to 110# for my cleans.  The slightly odd denomination is my attempt to trick myself into lifting heavier things.  I also worked on my chest-to-bar pull-ups which look oddly like plain old pull-ups.  The C2B component will hopefully come later.

Metcons like Tuesday’s are my jam!  I got through two full rounds plus 45 reps into the third, RX.  My lower back was smoked after.


It’s so neat to me that back in October when I signed up for the Battle in the Barracks, 95# clean and jerks felt so heavy to me.  Now they just feel normal.


After working out, Dana picked me up and we made dinner together – this North African salmon recipe and rice.  The salmon recipe was very simple but tasty.  Next time: less salt though.

We finished off our evening with some Penny snuggles, Dragons’ Den (oh Canadian television), and peanut M&Ms.  A good night in my books!





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